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    Posted February 12, 2014 by
    Salisbury, North Carolina

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    3rd Rowan Rally by Animal Advocates: Honor of Gassed Family Dog

    Animal advocates will hold peaceful rally at Rowan County, NC outside
    commissioner meeting in honor of the life of family dog

    Beloved family dog named Bandit mishandled by animal control and put in
    gas chamber after being hit by a car and critically injured

    February 12, 2014 - Residents who care about the welfare of animals will
    be holding a third rally on Monday, February 17 at approximately 4:30 pm
    at 130 West Innes Street in Salisbury, NC. The public is encouraged to
    join and hold signs, pass out flyers, and attend the commissioner meeting
    to voice their opinion in supporting better treatment of animals and
    removing the gas chamber.

    This rally is in honor of the life of Bandit, a beagle-lab mix who was
    rescued 6 years ago and had a loving forever home.

    Last month, this adorable and beloved family dog accidentally escaped the
    house and ran away along a highway, only to be tragically hit by a car. A
    Good Samaritan stopped and blocked him from being hit by another car and
    got help to find the owners. She called 911 and dispatchers called an
    animal control officer (ACO) from the Rowan County Animal Shelter. By time
    the ACO arrived, owner Jennifer Ridgell had been located and was on the
    scene, crying over her critically injured and dying pet. She knew there
    was nothing that could be done for him and was told by the ACO he would be
    humanely euthanized to end his severe suffering.

    But what happened next was not the case.

    “He [the ACO] went to his truck, got a pole that had what looked like
    noose on the end of it, put it around his neck, jerked Bandit up — he was
    yelping — and threw him in the back of the truck,” Ridgell said. “There
    was no compassion.”

    After this painful handling of Bandit, the ACO returned to the pound and
    put him down in a barbaric gas chamber, a long and painful death where the
    internal organs shut down as animals gasp for air.

    “What this pet went through will stay in the minds of their family
    forever,” said Jane Felts of the pet advocacy group Fix Rowan. “As if it
    wasn’t bad enough to see their dog in such a bad state by being hit by a
    car, the ACO caused further suffering to Bandit by mishandling him and
    putting him down inhumanely.”

    Local animal advocates and individuals around the world have signed a
    petition (http://www.change.org/petitions/rowan-county-justice-for-...)
    asking for the investigation of this incident. A petition
    (http://www.change.org/petitions/the-commissioners-and-ani...) by Fix
    Rowan calls for the county commissioners and animal control to implement
    the No Kill Equation to stop killing healthy animals.

    People who care about animals are asked to attend this peaceful rally to
    request humane treatment of all pets and to dismantle the gas chamber.

    About Fix Rowan

    Fix Rowan (http://www.facebook.com/FixRowan) is an all-volunteer group of
    concerned citizens dedicated to ending the killing of all adoptable pets
    in Rowan County, NC through the adoption of the No Kill Equation.


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