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    Posted February 13, 2014 by
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    Protestas en Venezuela

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    This is a tragic moment in the life of Venezuelans

    Marcos Cruz
    CNN - Andina

    "It is hard to acknowledge the current state of affairs with this government, but we must do it"

    A negation and an affirmation are helpful to set the baseline of Víctor Maldonado, a political expert and the CEO of the Caracas Chamber of Commerce. "I was never a leftist," and "I am a liberal and a Randian," (follower of Ayn Rand, the author of "Atlas Shrugged").

    - Some businesspersons confront the government; some others are prepared to soften their temper provided that they will receive US dollars at the official exchange rate.

    - Yes, and such differences form part of the confusion and perplexity experienced in the country. Certainly, there is no unanimity as to the stance and attributes of our adversary. However, a conclusion is arriving, jet very slowly due to lack of coherence: this undemocratic government of a civilian-military character is driven by an explicit project against private entrepreneurship. Some say they cannot cooperate with a regime that harms prosperity, even if one wins under such circumstances.

    - That is, survival.

    - Yes. But others argue that this is just their priority, "survival," and therefore, they "cooperate." One cannot stop being surprised by such attitude.

    - As the government accuses businesspersons of conspiracy, is not such attitude justified, in case of being true, considering that their lives and property are at stake?

    - Conspiracy is an explicit attitude to suppress a certain order of things and no businessperson is doing that. What they do, though, is advocating their rights with all available, pacific and reasonable, tools.

    - Don't you justify such attitudes?

    - Not at all. The conspiracy theory forms part of the perverse and lying script deployed by the government propaganda, recently called "economic war." In this way, authoritarian regimes circumvent their responsibility. Every time (late President Hugo) Chávez got tangled he would fabricate attempts at assassination. Since this government cannot prevent the dire effects of economic mismanagement, it makes use of the conspiracy theory.

    - What should businesspersons do in such a situation? A trend inside the political opposition proclaims social protest including street demonstrations.

    - Regarding politics and economy as partitions is a mistake, because this authoritarian regime is of a totalitarian nature. Consequently, businesspersons run the same risk and experience the same perplexities as any other citizens, including politicians.

    - So, what can be done?

    - First thing is characterizing the moment. We have suffered original mistakes for understandable reasons. Negation and evasion form part of the human condition. One can hardly think about how tragic life can be if recognized as it is, and this is a tragic moment in Venezuelans' lives.

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