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    Why do Indians & Pakistanis Hate Valentine's Day

    I'm always surprised to note Indians' and Pakistanis' angst against Valentine's Day. It is just a day which is an ode to St Valentine, a guy who defended the rights of lovers to express their feelings. Naturally, he made enemies, because there are always more people against love than for it. A case of sour grapes, I'm sure.
    So, let's check out what makes them see red when the season marked by red heart balloons appears?
    .One of the foremost reasons for the all-round protests is that the festival is an imported one, not originally South Asian. For God's sake! In a countries obsessed with all things "phoren", why this sudden wave of patriotism when it comes to saying "I Love You"?
    The second reason put forward is that why keep aside just one day for love, when 365 days are there in a year! Arre, how many men would say I love you or gift their women anything the remaining 364 days?
    When it comes to hypocrisy, South Asians are born leaders. They will indulge their wildest fantasies, but not admit to them. They will read Playboy magazines tucked under their pillows, but join dharnas against sex ruining our society!
    Another reason cited is that it's too commercial, and too much money is wasted on this day. As if these people practice frugality on the never-ending festivals throughout the year.
    Another "logic" put forward is that we have bigger problems to deal with, and we can't be bothered with a day dedicated to love! Please...if gifting chocolates, teddy bears and going on a date helps some people to get away from their otherwise drab lives, why grudge them?
    Anyone who proclaims that their Hindu or Islamic religion does not allow practice of Valentine's Day, has to be a bigot. It's just a day you set aside to go for a movie or have dinner with that special someone, and no religion says love is bad. For the Sufis, love equalled spirituality.There are people who think making a fast buck by selling red balloons and chocolates amounts to a sin. How different is this from making money by selling kites at Makar Sankranti or bangles on Id? Both are about celebrating life, isn't it?
    Many scorn Valentine's Day for being a scam. Well, if it's a scam, it is certainly one of the least harmful ones in countries ridden with scams of all types.
    People who have never expressed love for their spouses or been the lucky recipients of romantic love form the majority of people protesting against Valentine's Day. It's like the perfect misfit!
    When radical groups condemn Valentine's Day as "nothing but a Western onslaught on India's culture to attract youth for commercial purposes" , follow this up by stealing Valentine's Day cards from shops and burn them in a bonfire, besides harassing hand-holding couples, is it not a clear expression of rage against the soaring popularity of the day, as evident in restaurants promoting Valentine's Day dinners, stores selling flowers and chocolates, media organising love-letter competitions?
    The only reason which seems to make some sense maybe the pressure on guys to express their love for their beloved in just the right way. As someone has shared: "I may express my profound love for her on all 364 days, but, on Valentine’s day, if I fail to go to meet her without being armed with at least a red rose, I stand the risk of being kicked out of her life!"
    Valentine's Day is actually quite a light-hearted festival, but widespread efforts to repress it are anything but light-hearted. They represent intent to declare war on modernity in real terms.
    Let me quote a poem to state my case: "Umar bhar hum yahi bhool karte rahe, Dhool chehre pe thi, aur aaina saaf karte rahe..."( We have been committing the same mistake our whole life/ the dust was on our face, and we were cleaning the mirror...)
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