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    Posted February 15, 2014 by

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    Give Your Company An “Unfair Advantage” With Affordable And Sustainable Employee Housing

    Qualified corporations and municipalities are joining forces with GeniusCapital™ to redefine the housing industry.

    WORLDWIDE, 15th February, 2014—Employers are always looking for ways to gain a leading edge over their competition. While most focus on benefits such as salary, retirement plans, health insurance, and paid time off—those are the expected perks that vary from one employer to the next. Corporations and municipalities who are looking for a way to gain a competitive edge that is a bit outside of the box are joining forces with GeniusCapital™.

    GeniusCapital™ offers affordable and sustainable corporate housing and municipal housing to qualified employers and Government agencies without capital investment. These housing projects can be single-family or multi-family, and are made available to employees through an innovative interest free, lease-to-own homeownership model.

    What makes this employee perk even more advantageous is that the interest free home loan is easy to qualify for (even for those with poor credit), and the sustainable NET-ZERO communities save residents 75% up to 100% of their monthly utility costs. The lease to own payments are designed in a manner that they are significantly more affordable than a traditional mortgage payment, and are often less expensive than a monthly rental payment.

    “This program is the ideal way to free up money in your employee’s personal budgets without increasing their salary. As an added perk, you will gain revenue from your rental income until the lease is paid in full.” Dr. Mark Renfroe

    Aside from the financial perks of offering corporate housing or municipal housing, employees gain the peace of mind that comes with living in safe communities, and brand new Genius homes built with the most modern technology. Not only that, affordable housing will drive more money into the local economy, create new jobs—and the sustainable building practices and solar powered homes help to support both the local and global environment.

    “It is essentially unheard of to offer affordable housing to employees that will be 100% theirs at the end of their 30 year term. It is a benefit that will give you an ‘unfair advantage’ that your competition will not be able to compete with.” Mike Carlson, Vice President, GeniusCapital™ Solutions.

    If you are a corporation that has never considered offering corporate housing, or a Government agency looking for ways to develop more affordable municipal housing, the experts at GeniusCapital™ are available to walk you through the qualification requirements and full benefits of their innovative opportunities. For more information on the companies capabilities, please visit: www.geniuscapital.us


    GeniusCapital™ is a division of Geniusystems International LLC. www.geniusystems.com

    The company has secured a global financing partner with a successful history of more than $3 Billion financed, who now commits to finance real estate development and infrastructure projects for qualified Companies and Governments across the world via our proprietary Investment Grade Finance Authority (IGFA). These GeniusCapital™ solutions are offered via strategic joint venture agreements and/or private-public partnership agreements.

    The first step to becoming a qualified Company and/or Government entity is your specific geographic bondable finance rating. For larger transactions above $5,000,000 nothing below an investment grade rating of "A" or higher according to S&P is currently capable of being placed due to pure cost. This is applicable for private corporations and/or Municipalities/Countries.

    For smaller transactions, below $5,000,000 your company must have strong financials, which would enable us to joint venture with you to finance your next community development project. Second is simply a commitment as a corporate and/or municipal GUARANTOR. This level of surety allows cost effective advantage for our successful pricing to insulate multiple years of sustainable construction.

    This model allows for a transparent PRIVATE - PUBLIC platform exercising efficiency at every step of the development. Whereby creating another sustainable asset for growing qualified development partners.

    Contact Person: Diana Winters
    Email: geniuscapital@geniusystems.com
    Phone: 1-888-327-9113
    Address: 890 South Palofax Street – Suite 109
    City: Pensacola
    State: Florida
    Country: United States
    Website: http://www.geniuscapital.us/
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