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    Posted February 15, 2014 by
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    Foreign hands in Bahrain: The real story

    Sally has once again opened up the jar of powder. Talking about this individual and that while leaving out key facts about some of her cronies. The vilest of her cronies, Gloria Defeo, an American now "vacationing" in Bahrain, is a strong supporter for the formerly listed terrorist group, MEK. She even went so far as to open a charity to fund MEK and lobby for their delisting. She strongly supports this group despite their role in the deaths of more than 16,000 innocent people. She strongly supports this group despite their role in Saddam Hussein's attempts to annihilate the Kurdish population in Iraq. When her charity was found out to be fraudulent, she started making plans to run, with her first destination being Bahrain. Once there, she reported her charity as terminated to the IRS and claimed she received less than $50,000 in donations. Gloria Defeo spends her days vehemently spreading hate and sectarianism on social media regarding Bahrain. She incites violence against those who are seeking true freedom in a country where a minority rule with an iron fist. She makes false accusations about any and everyone she can, but especially those leading the revolution in Bahrain. She even once tried to rally people up to protest the U.S. Ambassador to Bahrain and continually called for his ouster. An American who has all the liberties of democracy continually tries to repress the rights of others to enjoy the same freedoms she enjoys in the U.S. This sounds like foreign hands in Bahrain.

    Another crony of Sally is Reem Zain, the once known as Lilian Khalil fake reporter. Reem Zain is supposedly a British national that runs an employment agency in Bahrain. Oddly enough, she is also Iranian, the very country she often accuses of interfering in Bahrain's domestic affairs. Through her employment agency, she tried to bring in people who would help lift her position in the world of politics by being her eyes and ears. When this didn't work, Reem then wrote a book which was promoted as being a true story about the beginning of the February 14, 2011 protests. However, the book was nothing at all about the revolution and was more of a mud slinging tale of nothing but fictitious events. The book was Reem's way to try to discredit another individual. It was full of tall tales of pure libel. Reem also spreads hate and sectarianism throughout Bahrain calling other Bahrainis, and non, traitors simply because they demand their rights. Reem Zain and Gloria Defeo are also often the masterminds behind horrendous campaigns to humiliate anyone who dares to support those seeking their rights. Foul language, homophobic slurs, racist content and a whole plethora of tasteless caricatures filled their past campaigns, campaigns that incited hate, publicly humiliated and even threatened individuals. Another foreign hand in Bahrain.

    Then there is Sally from Saar herself. A British national (or is it South African), she claims to have lived in Bahrain since the late 1980s. Following the same tactics as Gloria and Reem, Sally tries her best to discredit any and everyone she can often using rude language, aggressive social media tactics, trolling and full on verbal attacks.

    What these three, and the countless others like them, don't understand is that their continued campaigns to incite hate and vigilantism against innocent people makes those people more determined to reach their goals which in turn means the whole of Bahrain remains in turmoil.

    When talking about foreign hands in Bahrain, those non-Bahrainis tweeting in support of government-loyal extremism should remember to wipe the crumbs from their own hands before pointing their finger.
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