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    Posted February 15, 2014 by
    Atlanta, Georgia
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    Unspoken undocumented stories

    As I was reviewing news in Jamaica, I came across this article. I've always wondered what happens to the undocumented persons that are detained who have taken the risk to leave their native countries in pursuit of attaining democracy, peace or simply a fair chance for themselves and their families in another land. Their stories are hidden, silenced and not documented. Some of us are closely familiar because of their own immigration or close ties to loved ones that have taken a risk to pursue a greater dream to what can be viewed and experienced as the land of milk and honey.

    Yesterday at #1billionrising #rise4justice #EbenezerAtl many calls to action were given. An earnest call was given by Adelina Nicolls, the Executive Director of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, GLAHR (http://www.glahr.org/). She spoke on the issue of immigration and the dilemna we have to address with undocumented immigrants. From her fierce plea, I learned that Georgia houses one of the largest detention centers for undocumented immigrants. She went further to emphasize that these human beings who are undocumented are being detained without access to representation. She also brought to the forefront various forms of violence that female detainees are enduring.

    These persons are human beings like me and you. We have to take a stand on the issue of immigration. With or without active participation, we have to acknowledge we are at a minimum indirectly a participant in this politically charged issue. Take time to critically and honestly think about what you've witnessed or the things we tend to overlook in how various systems, institutions and businesses are ran in our society. Systematically, undocumented persons are good enough to be hired for certain tasks while at the same time, their not worthy enough to receive protection, dignity and rights on the same soil that we stand on within the United States. We all are benefiting from this system and we all have to take action that does not impinge on the human rights of others. No mas!

    Leaving their place of origin and entering another destination undocumented is laden with sociocultural and political meaning that has sharp consequences. Unfortunately, the risk is greatest for the person that is being labelled as undocumented because that person has to simultaneously face both risks, the risks within their native land and foreign land, with no immediate solution.

    The brief article attached brings to the forefront an incident that occured yesterday in California. Whether in California or Georgia, the Midwest or the Northeast, I sincerely hope we all rise to take action to remedy this issue.

    Jamaican woman falls ill in US immigration custody, dies

    1BillionRising - Rise.Release.Dance

    My hope is that people will continue to seek wisdom, knowl
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