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    Malmo, Sweden
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    Homelessness is a major problem in the world we live in today. Although homelessness more or less always existed in some form has been added significantly with the polarization gains and cityscape become increasingly widespread in the neoliberal city. Shelters are overcrowded in the major cities and many left out on the streets to freeze to death during the cold winter nights . In many respects associated homeless people with drug problems , alcoholism and disease. They are the people you are afraid of staying around and seen sometimes even as pests for the city .
    Instead of primarily integrate homeless in the urban environment or try to solve their housing problems you work today largely by trying to hide them . Within the concept of city branding and to all cities compete on a global level, there is no place for the homeless, a city with many homeless on the streets is not a city that is attractive to move in and live in the units . Therefore , several different processes since few decades back that greatly freeze out homeless from the urban environment. Places like homeless people staying on is inhospitable , benches are either removed or made uncomfortable so that homeless people can not sleep on them. Shopkeepers complain that homeless people staying outside their shops which leads cops come and take them away . Anti- homeless laws introduced which prohibits the homeless to stay in public places and beg.
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