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    Posted February 15, 2014 by
    Oakton, Virginia
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    Do you eat ethically?

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    Healthy Chicken for any day!


    We lived in Caracas Venezuela and had a farm in the country side. Eight hours by car but we went every time we could.


    The air, the human quality of the people who lived there and the food were an oasis for people from the capital, especially because of the healthy food.



    Hens and chicken were all over the place as other animals, but the bad thing for me, as a child, was that they killed them for us to eat organic, in other words "zero" preservatives, antibiotics or hormones were used to make them grow.


    I did not get it! Just to eat a bird that I just had seen in the morning very active in the patio now on my dinner table! And the word “organic” did not exist  in our vocabulary, we used to say  “natural food”.


    The point is that I did not like to eat either chicken or hens and they had to go downtown to the supermarket to buy chicken  for me. I did not eat hen at any price!


    But those are memories, now I wish to eat organic food more frequently and I try my best; nevertheless the chicken we buy is the one we find in the nearest supermarket.


    Today I prepared a chicken which is within the category of “white meat” most recommended.


    Recipe for 3


    2 chicken breast.s


    1 carrot. Slice it round and then cut them in half.


    ½ onion in slices. For the flavor, you can take it away if you do not like to eat onions
    ½ green pepper in slices. Do the same as to the onions.


    1 table spoon of salt  (for the rice).


    1/2 table spoon of salt to flavor the chicken


    Garlic powder (For the chicken in pieces and for the rice)


    1 tea spoon of vinegar


    1 table spoon of oil.


    2 cups of rice


    4 cups of water




    Take away the fat from the breasts (if any), cut them in squares the best you can and flavor them with salt, garlic and cumin. Leave them for 10 minutes to allow the chicken to get flavor.
    Cut the carrot in round shape and then cut them in half. Mix with the onion and the green pepper.


    In a big skillet heat the oil with precaution. Add the chicken and cook them until you see it is brown all over. Add the carrots and then, the 2 cups of rice and mix every thing with a wooden spoon for 2 to 5 minutes (Have the heat medium). Add the 4 cups of water. With a wooden spoon mix it again. Add the salt, the garlic and the vinegar. Leave it to boil. Wait a little bit, like from 2 minutes to 5 and cover the skillet with a lid. Immediately lower the heat to low medium and wait 20 minutes. Voila, there is your healthy white chicken with carrots for today!


    Cooking for me work as a therapy and today more than ever when my country is unrest for political problems. It is not possible for me not to mention the sadness in my soul in this recipe.

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