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    Posted February 15, 2014 by

    Save Susi, Sweden's most important wolf


    Susi, the female wolf also endearingly called “the Red Riding Hood”, is extremely important to the whole of Sweden's wolf population. She has genes that are "fresh" and different from the rest of the populations which is inbreed.

    She needs to be saved at any and every cost.

    At the end of September 2013, the government of Sweden started pushing for a bill that will enable the killing of 5000 of Sweden's total population of 8000 predators (wolves, eagles, bears, lynx, wolverines) and with much more ease than before, as before wasn't easy enough. The bill will probably be passed sometime beginning of December 2013.

    Government officials (EPA) will continue to try to find loopholes and ways to get this through, to get the rights to kill her. The only way to finally get a stop to this madness is through the international pressure that you are helping me with.

    The rest of Sweden's wolves are heavily inbred and that comes from the state sanctioned hunting and killing off all the important wolves that come into our country.

    This is a tactic they have had for many years now, but in this case this wise female eluded the hunters until a temporary court order saved her for a while. This was the first time a court order saved wolves in Sweden.

    Since they have killed every partner she has found and therefore can't get a family, she is forced to hunt alone which is not normal for a wolf. Wolves need to live in big families called packs.

    Wolves main prey are the elk, but they are too big for a single wolf to take down so she is forced, by the decision makers, to hunt small prey and the most abundant small prey is the reindeer. Since we only have domestic reindeer after eliminating all the wild ones, she can't hunt any other prey than domestic reindeer which in turn is what they, the decision makers, refer to when deciding that she has to die, saying she takes too many reindeer's.

    In the Swedish law it's stated that all other measures of protecting livestock has to be taken before a license to kill a predator can be given but that law is toothless and has never been complied with in any case. Wolves are being killed constantly without ever having implemented any of the more normal steps of protecting livestock and same goes for this case. The reindeer's are not at all protected.

    The decision makers won't let her get a family and they won't let her hunt the only prey she can hunt without a family.

    No matter what she does she's doomed to be killed.


    Update September 29, 2013:

    Sweden is now CLEARLY moving towards a predator free country. A major step in that direction was taken last week when the government proclaimed a new predator policy which in practice can reduce the total amount of predators (wolves, eagles, bears, wolverines, lynxes) with over half.

    5000 out of our total amount of 8000 predators may now be killed.

    A major change also is that the government now does not listen to experts on the subject, but instead takes decision on conservation based on the hunters and Sami leaders demands, two enormously powerful lobbying groups.

    Hunters and their associations are the most powerful groups in Sweden and the only ones allowed to have their own club in the Parliament house.

    They get subsidiaries from the politicians and the politicians in turn get to attend the hunting course and get their license during working hours. The politicians then get VIP access to hunting areas and hunting schedules.

    With this government's constant change to wildlife management it's now also much easier for anyone to kill any of these predator species without any real control or demands from cattle owners or hunters. All you have to claim is that you had to protect yourself or your dog/cat/etc to be allowed to immediately kill the predator.

    These are the numbers decided upon by the Swedish government, and without ANY consultation with experts in the fields.

    This is what the Predators Bill proposes:

    - The wolf population is now at about 350 individuals. Proposed to be at 170 individuals.

    - Bear population is currently at about 3,300 individuals. Proposed to be at 1,100 individuals.

    - The population of the wolverine is now on about 750. Proposed to be at 500.

    - The population of lynx is currently at around 1,650. Proposed to be at 700.

    - Golden eagles counted in pairs is now 600. Proposed to be at 150.

    PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD about how MAD Sweden is in regards to wildlife and nature conservation.

    Update December 2, 2013:

    Sami reindeer herders are now trying for the pitty card in media. They complain about not liking to be portrayed as wolf killers. The reindeer herder is saying that “it’s fucked up that we have to move our reindeers because of a wolf”, and continues “we too have to be able to live”.

    As I, the petition creator, have said before, there are solutions that work to keep the reindeer herds safe. The reindeer herds of today are not traditional ones but industrial ones with such large herds that they destroy the forests vegetation and are so huge that they need helicopters and scooters to control them. Keeping more traditional sizes and utilizing the many different successfully proven methods is the only solution that should be accepted.

    Want to contact the people deciding over her death? Here they all are:

    Sami village chairman requesting they be killed: Tomas NejneChairman of the Swedish Sami National Association: Jörgen Jonsson
    EPA official approving the kill: Mimmi Skog
    Director General of EPA: Maria Ågren
    Top politician in charge: Lena Ek (probably won't answer mail)
    Lena Ek's press officer: Erik Bratthall

    Copy all of the addresses with commas and all to the TO field in your mail.

    tomas.nejne@stihken.se, info@stihken.se, jorgen.jonsson@sapmi.se, jorgen@sapmi.se, mimmi.skog@naturvardsverket.se, maria.agren@naturvardsverket.se, lena.ek@gov.se, lena.ek@regeringskansliet.se, erik.bratthall@gov.se, erik.bratthall@regeringskansliet.se

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