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    Posted February 15, 2014 by

    Hope 4 Home Here Reviews Home Modifications

    Hope 4 Home want to make it clear that a loan modification is not the same as refinancing loans. Other than using loan modifications to prevent foreclosures, they can help homeowners modify interest rates, the term of the loan and even modify the balance of the loan. The professionals here will also help you steer clear from predatory lending. Homeowners have fallen victim to lenders who practice this type of illegal lending. Victims of this type of fraudulent activities are left with unmanageable mortgage payments or even having to foreclose their homes. Hope 4 Home will be able to see if there were any predatory lending in your loans and use that to help with your modification.
    For those unaware of loan modifications, a loan modification is when homeowners and lenders modify the terms of their original agreement. Hope 4 Home works on behalf of the homeowner to get modifications approved. Not only will they help modify the terms of a loan, they also help lower interest rates, balances owed and even lower the length and payment of the loan.
    A concern that many homeowners have is that bankers and lenders aren’t open to making loan modifications. What they don’t know is that both lenders and banks prefer homeowners that homeowners modify their loans over foreclosing their homes. Knowing this, the professionals at Hope 4 Home are successful at getting load modifications approved for their clients.
    “Hope 4 Home was able to find a plan for us and that my new payment would be approximately $800,” shares grateful client, Tracie Vineyard, “That is $460 less than our previous agreement. This was huge for us because now we could stop thinking about losing and start living.”
    Though Hope 4 Home work to lower mortgage monthly costs, their ultimate goal is to keep you and your family off the streets. These experts have built professional relationships with various bankers and lenders and have learned that they are more favorable for loan modifications over foreclosures. Having this knowledge, they are able to work out plans that benefit both parties ultimately allowing struggling homeowners keep their home.
    David Edgell also shares, “There was a sales day placed on my home so I went to Hope 4 Home to submit modification paperwork and I was able to secure a modification payment plan with my lender and my foreclosure had been stopped.”
    If you are a homeowner who has lost all hope in being able to keep up with your mortgage payments, Hope 4 Home will be there t help you save money and your home.
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