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    Eaglemart Club Ending World Hunger Part One of a Three Part Series

    A Campaign to end World Hunger has begun so every food pantry in America can be fully stocked while creating the finances to feed those who are hungry around the World. The name is Eaglemart Club (EMC).
    Make no mistake, this is a war and it is fought in every Country in the World. But, we have the technology and we have the resources to rid hunger and now and we have a plan with a company to make this change.
    This CNNiReport is the first in a three part series about the company, the plan and you.
    Eaglemart Club is located in Georgia with affiliates in Florida, Germany, Nevada and Virginia. EMC consists of an alliance of citizens and retired Military personnel that are passionate, dedicated and determined with the mission to end hunger.
    The idea is very simple. EMC’s design is to raise funds for Churches, marching bands, School PTOs, sports teams, and private groups that fundraise every year. With EMC they all do this with items used every day, FOOD. Supporters purchase food to raise money for a cause. EMC requests that the food is then shipped to their local community food bank or person in need. Fundraising Organizations receive 15% of sales, food is given year round to local food banks and individuals like you just supported your local non-profit charity food bank while helping your school’s marching band.
    www.eaglemartclub.com is online 24/7/365 and has the ability to deliver food to any food bank in America six days a week. This means every one of these groups in your community can now fundraise while stocking your local food bank.
    EMC asks all Churches to purchase food and water for those in need in other Countries with their 15% of sales. One pallet per month per Church = containers and containers of food from America.
    Imagine the circumstances that could in a moment cause any one of us to easily be in this predicament, the loss of a job, a major illness or the loss of a breadwinner. For the first time you are in a situation where you cannot pay your bills. To buy bread and milk is a struggle. To feed your family you have no choice but to rely on public assistance. You are still not out of the woods; your benefits just got cut. You can only go to the food bank once a month and for those with children, imagine telling your children that you are sorry that they are hungry. HOW DO YOU TURN THIS AROUND?
    Let’s take this once step further, +/- 900,000 United States Military Veterans on food stamps just had their benefits cut. We as a Country spend billions on projects in Foreign Countries but we cannot help those who defend our freedoms once they return home. For our Veterans returning and unable to find work, the crisis is growing.
    The demand for food is skyrocketing. We all have seen photos of a starving child or guards standing between truck-loads of food and hungry families but that’s only in other Countries, right? Silently in every community in every State there are those that go to bed hungry. Food banks are struggling and there is not enough support to feed those that come to them for help. Because of the substantial demand, food support that is given is minimal and the relief is only temporary.
    This is a crisis in every home town and it is vital that we do not turn a blind eye to those struggling. Join our fight! This war is yours and it is in your home town. This could be someone you know or it could be you one day. Together, we can bring relief to those that are suffering with a click of the mouse.
    How can you help? Tell friends and families in your community, Church, marching band, School PTO, sports team, and private group that fundraises every year to engage and join the fight to end the struggle of hunger. Your help directly assists those in your own community.
    You do not write your own history, you live it, and the history writes itself. Let’s live our lives helping others.

    It is time that no one goes to bed hungry tonight!

    Wayne Martin is Retired U.S. Army Veteran, living in Germany with World Wide Food service experience.
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