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    Fullerton, California
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    4 Personality Types: The STAR System


    Have you ever wondered why your Mom or Dad seem detached when it comes to showing emotions?


    Why some people always seem to get stressed out? You know the people that get stressed because they don't have anything to be stressed out about.


    Why some people seem to be so connected to the world? They find the good in everything.


    Well let's take a look behind the curtain and see if we can add a little clarity to these and the other questions floating in your head.


    Did you know, there are 4 different personalities types?


    Each human being has all 4, but we are usually strong in 2 of them.


    Guess what?


    Your partner is usually strong in the other 2.


    I won't go into it here, but relationships break down because people don't understand that you and your partner aren't suppose to be the same. If you are, one of you isn't needed.


    If you understand what I just shared, you realize that you actually compliment each other. Where one is strong, the other is weak and where the one is weak, the other is strong.


    Now these personality types are shared in many ways. Some people use animals, numbers, colors and other methods. The way I learned was through a company (that I can't find listed anywhere), using the word “STAR”. Better known as the “STAR System”.


    S = Stability
    T = Technical
    A = Action
    R = Relationship


    You can look at those words and you can pretty much understand the personality immediately (which is why I like this method)


    Those people that are “stability” minded are expecting the world to go “in a specific order”. They are not excited about change because it messes with their “stability”.


    So you already know what emotion a person that lives with this mentality will always experience... What's that word with an “S?”


    Yes that one – STRESS!!!


    Why? The world will always bring change. It is life. The sooner these people understand this, they can lower their stress level.


    The “technical” person is that person who is really intelligent (technical). They are your engineers, scientists, etc.
    These are the people that usually have bad, no I am not going to candy coat it, “Lousy” people skills. LOL They are the detached from emotions (the people we spoke about above).


    I shared this with a friend one time and she got so excited. She said, “I now understand my Mom. I always believed that some people shouldn't have kids. And she fit that mode. Now I know she is just “technical”.


    Now folks, don't go crazy because life will cause some of your characteristics that used to be weak, to become strong (and the other way around).


    I had a friend who's spouse told them they could never join another mulit-level marketing company. That they were a parent now and needed to be more responsible. Yes, the spouse was obviously “stability” minded. I saw that person some years later and they looked dead.




    Mentally they were dead. They were an “action person” and they allowed their spouse to make them commit to being “stability” minded.


    My question - “Why can't you be both?”


    Anyway, an “Action” person is your Go-Getters. They make things happen. The challenge is, they have so many things going on at once, they never get anything completed. You know the people with 25 businesses. If they have a job, they don't keep them very long because they tell their boss off (they are the boss or they think they are the boss).


    Needless to say, they need the “stability” person in their life, so they can get something accomplished. But they don't have to turn into a “stablity” ONLY minded person as in the example just shared.


    Our “relationship” person is just what it says. They love animals, people, mountains, nature, etc. They are truly the “Can't we all get along” crowd.


    Guess who they marry?


    You know it. The “technical” person.


    Think about it. Who else would hang with a person that is detached from their emotions and talk to people anyway they want. The technical persons favorite phrase, “I'm just keeping it real”.


    Now this was just a quick overview of the 4 personalities.


    I wanted to share this so that we can understand why people are the way they are. Not so we can agree with what they do, but so we can have a better understanding.


    I will discuss this more in my upcoming book, so keep looking out for it.


    So let me leave you with my motto: “It ain't right. It ain't wrong. It's my opinion”.


    Enjoy the journey


    Your Uplifting Life Partner
    Ron Simplified Myers


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