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    Posted February 16, 2014 by

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    Farewell, Silent Sheik


    In the early 1950's Saturday night television had become the new family social hour and with part of that came "Your Show of Shows" with Sid Caesar. My mother and father had purchased a brand new Admiral Television and I can still remember that day like yesterday. We were living in Westminster, California at the time and the stores were Mom and Pop operations, very small electronic and appliance stores. With the purchase of our new television I received a sheet of cutouts of Disney's newly released "Peter Pan". As a little girl I thought life couldn't get any better than this, but it did. With our little family gathered in front of our new television, our house was filled with laughter as Sid Caesar would perform his skits. At times he needed no dialogue as his body language was so funny that you would roll on the floor laughing. He was truly King of Comedy in my eyes.


    With co-stars, Carl Reiner, Howard Morris and Imogene Cocoa on the show, they were always perfect with their comedic timing, as in those days it was LIVE television and you couldn't miss a beat. With Sid Caesar's double talking, miming, talking in his own made up foreign languages, no one could ever compare. Even though I find similarities in my youngest sons talent of stand up comedy, I only wish they could have met, so Sid could have passed down some of his comedy performance secrets.


    Now some of you might say, you're overdoing this homage to this man, NO, he brought me laughter when I needed it most when my parents were getting a divorce, he helped keep a smile on my face and for that I will always be grateful. To this day I truly believe laughter is the best medicine and Sid Caesar supplied me with an abundance of that.


    Attaching a little of Sid's philosophy on life (comedy style), which gives us all something to think about.

    “ There's a now, a was, and a gonna be. Now is now, and after now is a was. And what comes after the was is a gonna be. It hasn't happened yet. It's gonna happen as soon as the now is over. But if you have a good now, you're bound to have a good was and a good gonna be. But after the bad now comes a bad was. But if you have a bad now and dwell on it, you're going to have a bad gonna be and you're going to have a bad cycle. If you learn from the bad was, you can turn the bad gonna be into a good gonna be. The only way you can change the cycle is after the was. If you carry the bad wases around with you, they get heavy and become should'a could'as - I should'a done this, I could'a done that.
    If you learn from the was, you'll have a great now; you won't repeat the same mistakes. It will bring you to a good now, which changes the cycle to a good was, and a good gonna be. You need to learn from the wases. It's all about changing your attitude.” - Sid Caesar.


    Thank you Mr. Sid Caesar for years of laughter and signing this off with a tear and a smile!



    Photos by Marie Sager - February 15, 2014

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