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    Federal Government Strips the Rights of Heterosexuals

    Photo credit: Reuters/Stephen Lam

    I bet that got your attention didn’t it? Nice headline to match up with the new law that is about to be passed in Kansas that discriminates against same-sex couples.
    Kansas Law: A Discriminatory Law
    How does it feel to be discriminated against when the federal government takes your rights away? How does it feel that your right to love has been stripped away? How does it feel to have your basic medical care denied because of your sexual orientation? How does it feel that you can’t sit next to your loved one while they lay dying in a hospital bed because you couldn’t say you were a heterosexual? How does it feel that you can no longer visit your favorite place to eat because the law is disguised as a religious based law? How does it feel to know that you can’t do anything for your local community because you are heterosexual? How would you feel if you knew you were discriminated against and you couldn’t do anything about it?
    Welcome to your new world.
    Welcome to your CIVIL LIBERTIES being taken away.
    Welcome to your RIGHTS as a human being taken away.
    And do you know why?
    Man and their ideologies and personal beliefs.
    For those of you who have forgotten about the history of our country, here’s a little insight. We stood up as a nation to escape religious persecution, but here we stand, again fighting against the same beliefs and ideologies hundreds of years later.
    We fought war after war after war for our own freedoms, as well as those of others who believed what we believed. Remember Vietnam? We didn’t believe in Communism and did everything in our power to fight against it with 58-thousand lives lost. Remember when we flooded the banks of Normandy against the cruelty of Hitler against the Jews? Yes, we lived, we fought, and we died for the things we believe in. Here on the home front, we fought with the British; we even fought with ourselves because our ideologies were different. Hundreds of thousands of men and women died for the very rights.
    But before now, there were those recognizable figures who stood up for what they believed in; the right to be free. Not bound to any man because of skin color, or being denied employment because of their gender, and not being denied compensation because they were disabled. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, was all civil liberties leaders who fought in a time for the rights of blacks. That is just to give you an example of where I’m coming from here. Did you know that JFK actually supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964 behind closed doors, but failed to bring it to the public because he feared it would ruin his political agenda? Probably not, because he was known for the Cuban Missile Crisis success, and landing the first man on the moon.
    In June of 1969, the Stonewall in New York City was raided because it was a place where gay’s hung out. They danced. They sang. They drank. They had their basic human rights within those four walls of the bar. Simply stated, resistance was met, and that was the first newsworthy public outcry to support same-sex relationships. It would forever start the never ending battle for same-sex couples to live freely, without judgment and humiliation, without feeling like their rights as a human was taken away.
    Here we are 50 years later, in The United States of America, the home of the free, and the federal government has just stripped your individual rights, your civil liberties, your basic human rights, because you are heterosexual. Welcome to your new world. Again, you must be remembering the questions I asked at the beginning to yourself. I don’t doubt it.
    I am that individual who can deny you the services you desperately need, like medical care because of your sexual orientation. But if I deny you it, and your wife dies, you can NOT sue me. It is against my personal religious beliefs. I am allowed to recoup my losses in the court battle with you. The law says so.
    I am that entrepreneur who can look at you and your wife, deny you service, because I see that you are a heterosexual couple. And again I can’t be sued because I was merely following the law based on my own religious beliefs.
    I don’t believe your marriage, civil union, or any contractual agreement is valid as a heterosexual couple. Again, it’s against my religious beliefs. I can’t be sued, though I haven’t attended services in years, but claim to have religious beliefs.
    You bring your family to play at the swimming pool for the summer, which is owned and operated by me, and it’s funded by the federal government. You look like a loving couple, with a couple of kids that are excited to be able to cool off from the heat. But because you are a heterosexual couple, I deny you access to the pool. It goes against my own beliefs and as a worker for the federal government. It’s against the law to allow any heterosexual couple in the facility. You cannot sue.
    I am that individual who hangs a sign in my window of a shop saying, “No Heterosexuals Allowed.” And all I have to do is say it is because of my religious beliefs. You can’t sue me for discrimination.
    I welcome you to your new life. I hope you enjoy it.
    It all sounds reminiscent of our not so distant past. I think you might be getting my point finally with the new law that is about to be passed in Kansas. That law is allowing discrimination, which has been an uphill battle for same-sex couples, and even down to the individual who is gay. What that law allows is judgment being passed by simply looking at how you appear to be. It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship with someone of the same-sex, or if you are just an individual wanting some assistance. What the law allows is religious beliefs to dictate everyone’s choices, removing the individual rights so many have fought for. What the law allows is discriminatory practices to be legal.
    The fight for ideologies needs to stop being put in the political world. As a caution to those who will argue my points, it will destroy us as a nation; our walls will come crumbling down because we don’t value our basic human rights. As I set with the examples for taking away heterosexual rights, which is exactly what will divide us as a nation. The natural right we are born with, that man tries to beat down with laws, our basic human rights to the pursuit of happiness.
    Thank you to the politicians of Kansas for looking like a damn fool and taking your state back more than 50 years. I will make sure my partner and I stay as far away from your state as possible. I enjoy the fact that I love who I love, not because of my sexual orientation, but because God bestowed the right for me to love as a human.
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