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    Palm City, Florida

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    The Veterans' Party Platform - Part I

    The people are ready to dump the self serving two party system. The Veterans' Party of America has been formed and our party platform ratified. It is below,in clear text.

    The platform was written by real people, ratified by real people-Leaders. None of the people involved in the party, or writing the platform, are politicos. These ideas are an accumulation of what "You The People" sent to us when we asked for your input. We thank you. This platform embodies all of our followers. Thank you for your contributions and also a special thank you to Todd Henderson for stepping up to chair the Platform Committee.

    Here is the Platform: (SHARE if you agree with it)

    The Veterans’ Party of America has been formed to provide a viable choice for the American people. It is our goal to place solution oriented leadership into public offices around the nation at all levels of government. We are not far left or far right, but rather, we are a centrist organization dedicated to solving problems. We are moderate and inclusive. Our strength are the US Veterans, their families, their friends, and our fellow citizens. It is our view that the current state of our political system has drifted away from the ideals our nation was founded upon. “Promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,” is in the first paragraph of our Constitution. That statement serves to remind us, and our leadership, as to why this great nation was created. As leaders, our elected officials must own the problems of the office they gain from the moment they are elected. We expect and demand solutions, not excuses, from our leadership. They are to be held accountable for the problems they willingly inherit, or create, until the issue is resolved in accordance with, and under, the parameters set forth in the Constitution. The Veterans’ Party of America’s Platform will only deal with problems that can be handled by either creating or repealing legislation. Apolitical issues will not be addressed by the Veterans’ Party of America’s platform planks. The constitutionality of social issues, such as, abortion and gay rights, has already been ruled upon by the Supreme Court and any attempts to change these are unconstitutional. We view them as settled and have no choice but to support the court’s rulings with regard to the Constitutionality of them. They are not up for debate and guaranteed to all citizens, by the Constitution. These issues have been created to divide voters as these cannot be legislated. This platform is a living document and will be reviewed in accordance with the Party’s Constitution and By Laws in order to meet the ever changing Political Landscape of today’s world.

    I. Constitution: The Constitution of The United States of America is, “The Law of the land.” It is not subject to interpretation or indifference by our elected officials. It is the premise and supreme authority from which all governance is derived. The original framers referred to it as an imperfect document. With that in mind, they saw fit to create a living document with provisions for its modification as times and circumstances changed. It is only to be changed by the will of the people by using the ratification process and not by Executive Order or by a particular party in power. Our leadership will adhere to the Constitution. Should amendments be needed due to our evolving national situation and circumstances, our leadership will champion the cause. Under no circumstance shall they create or support laws going against the provisions of the Constitution unless the ratification process has amended the document.

    II. Separation of Church and State: The Veterans’ Party of America recognizes that there is no such statement or provision within the Constitution of the United States. We are fully aware that the statement was only brought forth in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson, in which he made reference to, “A wall of separation between church and state.” We stand with the Constitution and support freedom of religion. We adhere to the proposition that there shall be no state established church. No single, or group, of peaceful religion(s) shall be placed above another. To ensure this, we, as Americans, must strive to keep religion out of government. We fully recognize and appreciate that one’s religion guides their sound decision making processes and the basis of their good and noble character. We also believe that those without religious affiliation can, and are, just as sound and noble of character and are fully capable of making sound decisions in the best interest of our fellow citizens. As such, we will judge our leadership and the content of their character by their words and actions; not by their religious affiliation.

    III. Job Creation: America is in a major economic crisis. Jobs are the key to our recovery. Stimulation of small business and the free market being awarded contracts to complete government funded infrastructure repair projects will be key to a successful recovery.

    IV. Border Security: Before Immigration and National Security can be brought into perspective, the borders must be securely sealed, with proper crossing points and transit lanes for legal entrance into America. This is not to hinder legal transit, but to protect our nation. While the federal government is responsible for international borders, airports, and seaports; individual states must be allowed to also guarantee the security of their borders with foreign countries, international airports, and seaports that have transit with international waters.

    V. National Defense and Security: The security and safety of our country and people is the highest priority. This is the responsibility of the Federal government. The strength of our nation is our military. Having a strong, well trained, all volunteer force is essential. The military forces of the United States of America belong to the United States of America and are not to be used for foreign entanglements that do not directly threaten our nation’s security. At no time will the needs of National Security violate the inalienable rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

    VI. Immigration: Our nation has found itself in a quagmire with illegal immigration. At the time of this platform, America has an estimated 11.7 Million illegal immigrants. The costs to grant full Amnesty would bankrupt America. The cost to deport each one would also create our nation’s financial ruin. A tiered system to allow illegal immigrants to report to local centers, with a set grace period, that the Immigration service will operate and begin processing for one of three levels.

    a. TIER I: Any illegal immigrant found not registered after the grace period, will face immediate deportation. Those with criminal convictions are leveled for deportation. Any person found attempting to enter the United States during or after this grace period will be deported as TIER I. All TIER I will be permanently barred from returning to the United States of America.

    b. TIER II: These illegal immigrants are not prepared for filing at this time and may need to acquire an education, language proficiency for employment, and/or either obtain a sponsor or become self-sufficient. This status will allow those illegal immigrants to have a set period of time to reach the point of being able to file for Permanent Residency status. Failure to reach status to file at the end of the allowed period will result in deportation.

    c. TIER III: Will allow illegal immigrants to begin their process of legal immigration without preference over those already residing in the United States or those who have existing applications filed from foreign nations. Those processing must gain employment and pay taxes. During this time, for an aggregate of one year only will welfare be allowed, under extreme hardship resulting from the death of an immediate family member residing in the same household.

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