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    The Veterans' Party Platform - Part II

    VII. Education: The education of our youth is critical to our future as a nation. As federal mandates are a violation of the Tenth Amendment and the slow ruination of our education system, we will push to return schools back to local control. The elected officials in the local communities know what needs to be done. They live in these communities and visit the schools. Federal mandates involving high stakes testing, teacher evaluations, and Common Core State Standards will be done away with. Any decisions made with regards to education reform will not be made without input from teachers from across the nation, at the local levels. No one knows what needs to be done better than those in the classroom every day. No Federal monies will be given to “for profit” charter schools or private schools.

    VIII. Foreign Policy: American policies should not stretch to interference with the internal affairs of sovereign nations. As a member of the global community, we all work to make the lives of all world citizens better, but we should not mandate the affairs of other countries.

    IX. Foreign Aid: While it is in the best interest of the United States of America to help build and maintain other nations, it is more imperative to take care of our own people, first. Foreign Aid must be evaluated on a case by case basis with justification as to the benefit it will have on our country, not just another nation. A review should also be made of sending machinery and training in farming and related infrastructure rather than sending cash. Peace and stability is important as is the health and welfare of our own people.

    X. Balanced Budget: The spending by the government must be reined in. A smaller government will cost less. By cutting spending, taxes can be reduced. As part of a balanced budget, our national debt must be substantially reduced annually to leave our future generations free of our mistakes. This will require a Constitutionally Amendment to ensure future prosperity.

    XI. Earned Benefits: The men and women who have served, and are currently serving, our nation honorably at all levels of government are deserving of our very best. It is the position of the Veterans’ Party of America, that no cut to any promised and earned benefit shall be done without the prior, or simultaneous, cut to all federal benefits, including Congressional benefits. One group should not be singled out due to our elected official’s inability to manage the nation’s coffers or their making deals that they have no intention of honoring. Any cut to entitlements or benefits must begin with cuts to congressional salaries and retirement benefits first, if only a token amount to serve as a gesture of solidarity to the people they serve and represent. We view benefits as something earned. Examples of earned benefits include, but are not limited to, Social Security, Federal Employee Retirement Pay, Military Pay and Benefits, Military Retirement Pay, Tri Care, Veterans’ Medical Care, and Medicare. States have the right to place their state level benefits in their platform. We view entitlements as something given for simply existing and being a citizen within the borders of our great nation. These include, but are not limited to, welfare, housing assistance, Earned Income Credit, and Medicaid.

    XII. Tax Reform: The current tax system is not fair. Some segments of our society pay more than others, in a percentage of income earned to taxes paid.

    Here is how it currently works: Let’s say we have two taxpayers A and B. A has a taxable income of 10,000 and B has a taxable income of 20,000. For this example we will set their tax rate at 10 and 15 percent respectively. Taxpayer A owes 1,000 in income tax and B owes 2,500 in income tax. Logically one would think that taxpayer B would owe more than 2,500 because 15 percent of 20,000 is 3,000. Now for the actual math. Taxpayer A's taxes are calculated at a straight forward 10 percent of his/her taxable income. Taxpayer B has a couple of steps to calculate his/her taxes, this is because of the concept of income tax brackets. For this purpose the bracket upper limit between the two is set at 10,000 and below for the 10 percent bracket and 10,001 and above for the 15 percent bracket. Taxpayer B pays 10 percent of the first part of his/her taxable income and 15 percent for the remainder. So for the first 10,000 a 10 percent rate is levied and for the next 10,000 a 15 percent rate is levied. Therefore 10 percent of the first 10,000 is 1,000 and 15 percent of the next 10,000 is 1,500 and add the two together you get 2,500. This pattern would be repeated for additional tax brackets paying the levied rate only for the amounts over the upper limit of the lower bracket and adding the amounts assessed in the lower brackets.

    As you can see, higher earners actually pay less in taxes on their total income. There are also tax exemptions for some sources of income (such as entertainment and sports industries). A national consumption (sales) tax will make it fair based on the spending of people versus their income. Essential life items, such as foods purchased from a store, or any other location that is not a food serving industry (i.e. restaurants), should be exempt. Abolishing income tax will require a Constitutional Amendment prior to initiating a national consumption tax.

    XIII. Welfare Reform: A comprehensive overhaul of the welfare and social system must be made to ensure those that truly need it, can receive it, while eliminating the abuses that exist. A workfare program to help Americans get back on their feet, learn a trade or return to school will better our nation. By reducing costs and getting people back to work, helping those that need help and the encouragement of the use of charities will aid in making our nation strong again. Any drug testing for receipt of welfare shall be the decision of the state.

    XIV. Election Reform: State election laws should be equitable, and ensure voter fraud does not occur. In states that do not require identification to vote, an affidavit should be signed in the presence of the polling place supervisor and filed. Filing a false affidavit would be treated as a felonious violation of federal election laws. Additionally, state election codes should be changed so to not hinder voting, or voting choices, including removing restrictions that discourage the formation of political parties, removing the ability of any parties to manipulate the system. Corporations and unions are not individuals, therefore they should not be allowed to contribute to political campaigns. Individuals should be the only contributors to the political process, with a financial cap on contributions.

    XV. Congressional Pay and Benefits: We believe that the pay and benefits of our elected representatives has gotten completely out of hand. We will strive for solutions, basing those solutions on more control of these monies by the States. As the House of Representative and Senate members are elected by their states, to represent their states, their salaries should be paid by the states that elected them. Salaries should also be set by the state. Federal retirement will not apply to members of Congress. Any benefits will come from the elector’s state and must meet the same criteria as all state employees. This will require a Constitutional Amendment.

    XVI. Term Limits: As the states elect their Representatives and Senators, the states should be allowed to set term limits on their elected officials. These laws are, for the most part, fair and necessary, and we do not contest them. This may require a Constitutional Amendment.
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