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    Posted February 16, 2014 by
    Palm City, Florida

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    The Veterans' Party Platform - Part III

    XVII. Resource Sustainability: As a matter of basic survival and national defense, The Veterans’ Party of America believes sufficient efforts must be made in adopting, implementing, and managing sustainable and reasonable Resource Management Programs. These Resource Management Programs include, but are not limited to: water, soil, timber, fauna, agriculture, fossil fuels, renewable energy sources, and waste management. Resource Management is a state jurisdiction issue. However, the Federal Government must be involved in establishing reasonable minimum guidelines, as well as for assisting with coordinating Resource Management efforts for multi-state resources. The Veterans’ Party of America believes reducing our carbon footprint is a noble effort. It is a fact that global temperatures have risen over the last century with the last ten to fifteen years remaining level, and as such, we will not buckle to reactionary legislation introduced by those supporting the alarmist view of, “Global Warming and Climate Change,” nor will we passively sit on the sideline as resources are consumed and damaged with reckless abandon by aggressive industries seeking profits. It is also a fact that mankind has survived two previous eras with much higher temperatures. Our stance is to be prudent when seeking answers to reducing our carbon footprint and conserving what we have today for future generations. We will support reasonable legislation to do so without overburdening our industrial production and growth. We want clean air, water, and healthy habitats for our wildlife along with jobs and economic development. It is our belief that we can achieve all by working together in a prudent and reasonable manner.

    XVIII. Corporate Subsidies: Large, multi-state corporations should not receive any corporate subsidies unless the cause of the corporation’s failing is from direct government pricing mandates. We oppose the government demanding businesses sell products at set prices.

    XIX. Unions: Skilled trade unions, that provide an apprenticeship program, are vital to the continuing growth of those trades and our nation. These trade unions should also bear responsibility for any failures to adequately train and set standards within their respective trades. All Americans have a right to work. With the exception of skilled trade industries, no American should be forced to join a union as a condition of employment. If the union performs well, and truly helps their members, people will want to join the union.
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