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    Creating a glowing event does not have to be a figurative expression any longer beacause Pixmobis actually creating the glowing event. As far back as early civilization, man has always been fascinated with illuminations, the firefly was a big source of awe and even ancient rituals were held dancing around flames. At a point, modern civilization overshadowed this phenomenon but now Pixmob with the help of the latest technology is bringing it right back, better packaged, faster and even stronger.
    Pixmob has created different objects which can be worn by the crowd, illuminating them from the outside right into the inside. The Pixmob wristband which is usually made of silicone is made in such ways so as to change colors and glow intensity with the tempo and beat of surrounding music. The Helicos is another top brand that the crowd never gets tired of, always causing immersive visuals, causing them to open their mouth in surprise. The pendants and beads are also two of the most popular objects that never stop to mesmerize the audience. The beads are usually woven into clothes while the pendant of course is worn around the neck. All of this objects can also be branded by printing on them, giving them a personal appeal.
    The latest of patent technologies, which is based on the Infra red, exclusive only to Pixmob, controls all types of illuminative objects without any wire connection, easily manipulating colours, shade, pulse and even fade.
    More than a million people have experienced firsthand the magical and illuminated phenomenon of Pixmob in various events all around the world. The Corchella festival in 2011 had around eighty thousand participants, they were all held spell bound by the hundreds of Pixmob that flooded the stage from the sky during a song performance by Arcade fire. The glowing balls spilled into the crowd, and they couldn’t resist tossing them back and forth. The superbowl in Metlife stadium, New Jersey also continues to linger in the memory of the 80,000 spectators who wore illuminated hats and the millions watching on their TV sets during the half time show. Pixmob has got them enchanted in events held in Malmo, Swedwen; Sao Paolo, Brazil and many more places at different time.
    Heinekens, Microsoft, Oracle, Verizon, Volkswagen, Toyota, Eurovison song concert and more recently 2014 Superbowl and Sotchy JO are some of the organizations that have at one time or the other experienced the Pixmob experience. The Pixmob innovative team was created in 2006 by Vincent Leclreic and David Parent.
    To be a part of this experience and to learn more abour Pixmob, you can visit www.pixmob.com. You can also follow us on on facebook at facebook.com/Pixmob or on twitter at twitter.com/Pixmobofficial. Our life experiences that can viewed on our youtube channel which is www.youtune/Pixmobexperience
    Pixmob at anytime is ready to activate the crowd into an immersive experience which in a matter of minutes go viral and leave an experience which will live on till eternity. The experience is right here waiting for you.
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