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    Screenartista WizardOz Chrome


    When quantity meets quality. When facebook becomes a time capsule of Digital Art.


    WizardOz started in 2011 making screenshots of art events and grand openings in Second Life. Since then she uploaded until today 8.657 photos to facebook. You can scroll her timeline down back to January 2012 and you may find all the important happenings in art in this realm. Two years of keeping an archive is quite remarkable in virtual worlds where many things come up fast and disappear even faster.


    Time has come to reflect WizardOz´s work from a different and an extended perspective. RIFT your HORIZON to a new setting. Let´s do it the WizardOz´s way.


    WizardOz gives us a chance to compare art made in Second Life with opensimulator worlds in an easy way. She takes photos in both worlds and uploads them to her timeline in facebook. Today I had to notice that when you scroll along you may no longer see at first glance in which realm the photo was made. This brings me to the quality aspect.


    Commercial and independent scene affiliate: you really see no difference any longer in ‘user created content’. Soror Nishi and Cherry Manga might have been the first well known artists moving to opensim worlds. Soror to InworldZ two years ago and Cherry to Francogrid about one year ago and this in quite a radical way. Cherry has three worlds in Francogrid full with the art she made over the years in Second Life at Mysterious Waves which is the name of the land and also the name of her group of about 600 members. The opensimulator worlds have become adult. This fact has to be added to “we are independent. We are free. We are opensource.”


    I said let´s do it the WizardOz way. She took a set of her beautiful pictures from a grand opening at Metropolis grid where RIFT HORIZON is hosted and made out of it a nicely slow moving slideshow of about 8 minutes you get on 'click to play'. Sorry! I say slideshow as to call it a movie, a machinima is a too big word compared to the work of - let´s take the most famous artist in Second Life Bryn Oh. WizardOz will understand. Each step begins at the beginning. “It all starts with a cube”, Philip Rosedale said in 2003 and 10 years later we see the stunning results. Machinima, the art of creating animated videos in real-time virtual game environments will head to new horizons when the next generation of 3D Avatar based worlds will be launched.


    WizardOz will be there. I hope for it. This screenartist, let her be named the first ‘screenartista’ as she is Italian, will experiment and expand in making videos. So welcome WizardOz by watching and sharing the very first video she made in opensimulator worlds. She presents Roots & War made by French artist JadeYu Fhang who brought her installation from Second Life to RIFT HORIZON to stay and be visited there forever.


    Roots & War is placed next to the Volcano of Art [Vulcanicus], a time capsule for prim and sculpt based 3D art, the installation 'The Cathedral Dreamer' by Gem Preiz and 'Castle Petrov' by Meachinc Dreams – projects curated by ‘Stiftung Kunstinformatik’ [Stiftung = trust]. This non-profit trust for Digital Art was founded in Munich by a grant that reaches back to the year 1979 when the very first computer art competitions have been set up the German Computer Graphics and Art Society. Stiftung Kunstinformatik supports artists with free land and technology developed for open use in commercial and independent worlds, calling it dual world support.


    Link to the next step of3D worlds inhabited by Avatars http://singularityhub.com/2013/11/12/second-life-founder-philip-rosedale-is-quietly-creating-a-next-generation-virtual-world/

    To WizardOz Chrome in facebook



    You find 'Dual world Events' in Second Life at SIM Claressa, join Group daVinci Events.


    I want to add a personal remark as 'dual world' carries some more implications. We live in a global world not all have English as their mother tongue or learned it at school or later as I did. It is allways a joy to see when we want to work together it is working fine. I copy the answer I got as I was curious how WizardOz made it this time:
    [03:58]  Art Blue: what software you used for the movie?
    [03:59]  Wizardoz Chrome: Just a moment .. i translate with google .lol ..
    [04:05]  Wizardoz Chrome: Active Presenter for shooting.. is a free software .. for the editing Windows Movie Maker  (free) .. but in the last a new program Magix, that i bought and this I am learning to use..
    [04:18]  Art Blue: thank you

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