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    Posted February 18, 2014 by
    Oakton, Virginia
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    Who taught you to love food?

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    C.C.C.Cauliflower with Curry & Carrots.


    Start eating multicultural.

    I do not remember having cauliflower and much less curry in my diet when I was a child, but when I started 9th grade and became more independent and was granted permission to visit new friends,  I noticed that the aroma in their kitchen was very different from mine at home.


    I was invited for lunch and it was when I started to eat multicultural. Even though we, Central and South American descend in part from Spain, those of us who did not have close relatives from there (me) did not eat the variety of vegetables than those with closer ties to Europe did.


    Venezuelan have ties with many nationalities, because in the past, so many from all over Europe came to our land to start  a new life, creating with their sons and daughters the great nation that we have today.


    The basic vegetables in the shopping list in my house were: beets. potato, carrots, corn, onion, pepper, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, garlic, cilantro  and black beans.  I really do not think that we tried more than those and there is much more than those, right?.


    By the time  I had lunch in my friends' house, I ate many others vegetables that I never had before, like this powerful vegetable full of vitamins and fiber. About curry I started to have food with it in Trinidad and Barbados when at my nineteen years of age  I spent a vacation in those countries.


    To eat multicultural may want to start with friends who introduce you to new food. It is hard to believe that we go to an ethnic  restaurant by ourselves without any knowledge of what we are going to order, and have success in flavoring all the important plates.


    As an anecdote, I clearly remember to be in an Arab restaurant in my loved Caracas, seeing a couple totally in discomfort with what the waiter had brought to them and I saw them leaving the restaurant without touching the food.


    But this article is not about my life. Here I posted pictures and the recipe of CCC.
    By the way, curry also has vitamins.


    I highly recommend searching the chemistry that compound vegetables and spices for allergic and reaction to specific medications.


    I am very worry for my unrest country in the actual moment and I am praying for all Venezuelan who are struggling to reestablish Democracy again.
    February/2014 will be historic.


    Recipe for 3
    1 carrot.
    1 cauliflower.




    Peel the carrot and cut it  in squares. Put them in a pot with boiling water and leave them for 5 minutes, then put the cauliflower  (Already separated) see the video,  for about 10 more minutes or until the vegetables are tender.


    Three cups of water is enough, we do not want too much water because then, we lose vitamines in the water. Cover  the pot with a lid and lower the heat to make the carrot and the cauliflower to be cooked with the steam, instead with the water


    Once they are coocked, put them in a Kitchen Hand Strainer,  throwing away the water. Do not rinse the vegetalbes then,  put them again in the same pot and add a spoon of butter and add salt and curry and put them on the stove again but only for 5 more minutes and with the heat to minimum until the butter is melted. Voila, here you have a very healthy side for any kind of main course, like meat, chicken or fish.

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