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    Posted February 18, 2014 by
    Maple Grove, Minnesota

    Local Businesses Win Big by Giving Local


    -Minneapolis, MN


    Most business owners agree, the most difficult and confusing expense to manage on a monthly basis is their merchant account.  Well wouldn’t it be great to turn that expense into a profit center for your business?  That is what Ignite Payments Maple Grove is doing with the launch of its charitable giving solution, WeDonateLocal©.

    It was October 15, 1974 when the first Ronald McDonald House opened in Philadelphia.  Since then America’s favorite business has thrived, growing exponentially across the world.  Savvy entrepreneurs, like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, have been using the model of success through charity for years

    “Consumers want more, they want that connection” says Ignite Maple Grove President, Bradley Ganzer.

    A recent study shows that 70 percent of consumers, prefer to spend their discretionary income locally.  All things being similar, they prefer to support locally-owned businesses that reciprocate to the community.

    "The trite methods of benefit dumping and selling solely on price only go so far."  Consumers want a fair price and more.  They want significance!  Would you rather support a Subway restaurant that gives to charity or the next Subway down the road that doesn’t?

    Seeing this old and broken business mode, Ganzer enlisted the expertise of technology guru, Dan Wegner and launched WeDonateLocal©.  Found on the web at WeDonateLocal.com, the charitable giving platform combines a business’s merchant account with a local donation that comes directly from Ignite Maple Grove and NOT the merchant’s wallet.

    "It's about vocalizing what most business folks desire, to help with the community and build a profitable organization." says Ganzer. "Unlike many big box shops, WeDonateLocal© strengthens the relationships between local businesses and their customers."

    Ignite Payments Maple Grove effectively processes credit card transactions using the First Data Processing Platform (First Data is the largest processing platform on the planet)  A percentage of each transaction is donated to the local charity of choice on a quarterly basis from Ignite Maple Grove.  The network shares success stories so that everyone has the maximum opportunity to succeed using the program.

    One local business used the program to connect with the area Women’s Small Business group.  Using the law of reciprocity, she was able to grow her business by 25% over a four month period by simply networking and incentivizing the members of the group.

    “We nailed it” “We really believed we had the right recipe, but you don't know for sure until you get in front of real business owners." says Ganzer.

    Similar giving efforts tend to fade because they don’t give the consumer a compelling reason to stick as a customer.

    Ganzer explains, “They don’t get to the heart of the customer!”    By giving with every swipe, the consumer is continuously reinforced by the giving process.  The reward to the consumers is that every purchase is a step towards building a better community.

    Ganzer has fine-tuned the first part of their formula. But the second part of the WeDonateLocal© model is - providing a compelling message that strikes a different chord with the consumer, that is what drives the customer back into the establishment. This has been a little trickier explains Ganzer.

    "It's because most local businesses don't focus on building repertoires, they think that if they can just get someone in the door once, then their food, service or ambiance will clinch the deal - but it doesn't work that way anymore.  The competition is too smart.”

    "Consumers have tons of options, so what they need are habits.  Bring your users back in the door with an unbelievable desire to help the community.  Do that a few times and now you've established a powerful habit in the customer - something daily deals or rollback prices could never do."


    Ignite Maple Grove is currently building a network of charities with proven track records of reciprocating costumers to our business partners.  So expect to see the WeDonateLocal© logo near you.



    Contact:  Bradley Ganzer

    Email:     brad@ignitemn.com

    Phone:    763-367-6770

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