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    Interview with Security Expert Rafael Souza:

    Hi My name is Ziaullah Mirza and I am interviewing to Mr. Rafael Souza for CNN Ireport.

    Q: Hi, thanks for giving me your time. Please introduce yourself to our Readers.

    A: Hey Guys, My name is "Rafael Fontes Souza", I am the CISO of HOC and works at RafayHackingArticles as Senior Penetration Tester, Founder of the “Wikileaks, and Intelligence, Cypherpunks” and now partnership with Voice of Green Hats Company, my main interests include Cryptography, Security Research, Penetration Testing. In my free time I like to write for websites and magazines where I can have the opportunity to convey my knowledge.

    Q: When and why did you start hacking?

    A: I first started because it was creative and curious, it was between 2005-2006, was still very young and has played with SQL.

    Q: What you used to do, when you were not a hacker?

    A: I always liked martial arts and playing soccer, I believe that sport is good for the mind and helps in the studies.

    Q:Working on Big Projects, What are those projects?

    A: I'm writing a book, this is a lengthy process that requires dedication, planning to launch a certification with partnerships, I also want to travel and see other countries.

    Q: Have you ever been accused before, perhaps invaded many sites acquired or secret documents, you have to explain about it?

    A: I hate unsubstantiated allegations, never proved anything against me, knowledge is not a crime. ”Only God can judge us.”

    Q: Why don’t you report Bugs to Site rather than defacements and Be a White Hat?

    A: I’m not what you think... The world is a big place to be divided into black and white.

    Q:What do you think about security in the Brazilian government? what is the biggest challenge?

    A: Brazil is a beautiful and blessed country. Regarding information security needs to evolve, speculation says that our country was spied on by the NSA, but anyone with a little knowledge it could. The truth is that there is a lot of corruption by our politicians, and it is shameful for our nation, they could be investing in education, health, technology.

    Q: What do you think of Anonymous, Lulsec, and other Hacker groups?

    A: So... Maybe they're just a target to divert attention from major problems. Most of them are "script kiddies".

    Q: What are your future plans?

    A: My life plan is to take the good where I am, I believe that there is a lot of social inequality, people should help others, the world would be a better place and not be dominated by billionaires, they should donate (like Bill Gates), then my plan is to bring light to people's minds and teach while you are alive.

    Q: What is to be an ethical hacker in modern times?

    A: It's like a samurai, he has the power in his hand, but he knows how to control and choose the correct one.

    Q: What kind of advice would you have for new Hackers?

    A: Be humble, respects the most experienced.

    Look for everything slowly. Accepted the challenge to see what the crowd did not. In deformed gravels, weird diamonds survive alone.
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