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    Posted February 19, 2014 by
    Shovkovychna Street, Kiev, Ukraine
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    Situation in Kiev has deteriorated: more than 25 people were killed


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     PressAV told us, 'The sound which you hear on video is a sound of blows about metal subjects. This sound is done by protesters. They say that the rhythmical sound disciplines them. If you listen attentively, except this sound, you will hear sounds of the Scottish delay and a pipe. These are musicians who came to support unarmed demonstrators.' Click here for the latest on the situation in Ukraine.
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    KIEV, UKRAINE - FEBRUARY 19, CNN iReport - The situation in Kiev since the morning of September 18 has deteriorated. Several tens of thousands of Maidan activists were on their way to the parliament when they were attacked by the police.


    These clips depict one of the fiercest clashes that has occurred on Shovkovychnia Street, a few blocks from the Verkhovna Rada.


    Several people in police uniforms are throwing grenades at protesters from rooftops. When the grenades fall directly into the crowd, they explode, causing bodily injuries and burns. Also, police are firing rubber bullets at the people.


    In retaliation, activists are throwing Molotov cocktails as well as rocks at police.


    As a result of these violent clashes, there are many casualties on the side of the demonstrators. Currently there is evidence of 25 people dead. Various sources report that there have been 30-40 bodies found at the scene of clashes.


    About 1000 people have been injured. Among the victims are about forty journalists. Journalist of the newspaper "Vesti" Vyacheslav Veremei was killed.


    The city center is completely paralyzed. The metro has completely stopped; all highway exits and entrances to Kiev are blocked by police and Interior Ministry troops.


    Mobile communication is malfunctioning. Opposition Channel 5 Broadcasting has been taken off air, and numerous attacks are being carried out on Online Resources.


    Media reported that police have stormed the Maidan where for the last three months peaceful protest against the actions of the Ukrainian government has been in action.


    Journalist: Andrey Vasiliev
    Producers: Olga Mozkova, Luba Bilash
    Video by Nikita Mekenzin ("Hromadske TV")


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