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    NY, New York

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    Scientists claim breakthrough on green energy

    Professor Doron Aurbach of Bar Ilan University said, We are working with a wide range of materials using nano-technology to develop batteries for a wide range of purposes, including, eventually, automobiles.

    Mr. Aurbach said. “We are partners with some of the largest companies in the world, including GM and BASF, the German chemical giant, as well as with Israeli companies Vulcan, Elbit, Tadiran, and others.” Not only that – but Bar Ilan itself works with several battery start-ups, including ETV Energy and Pellion Technologies.

    Professor Aurbach and his lab are working on numerous battery technologies, with the most promising one based on magnesium ion, which supplies more power than lithium-ion batteries (a positive charge of two, rather than one for lithium-ions) and is cheaper to produce, magnesium is much more abundant than lithium. Using nano-materials to tweak individual cells – after all, a battery is made of many small cells. Aurbach believes that new batteries could be significantly lighter, and last 50%-100% longer than current batteries.

    Albanian Minerals has world's largest magnesium reserves. According to Albanian Minerals CEO Sahit Muja. Global need for Magnesium is accelerating and the production will not be able to meet the demands. Magnesium is used extensively in manufacturing industry, agriculture, energy sector, cars, construction, defense, and chemical industries. Magnesium is set to become one of the world's most important metals.

    Sahit Muja said, Demand for magnesium has more than tripled in 10 years and forecasts of demand growth for magnesium is driven both by the growth of developing economies and new emerging technologies.

    Mr.Muja said: The need for lower carbon emission coupled with the development of electric vehicles continues to make the lightweighting a key strategic objective of all vehicle manufacturers and the magnesium sheet can provide a further major contribution to its achievement.

    Toyota Motor Corp; The world's largest seller of hybrid autos, said it's developing a magnesium battery that holds twice the energy of lithium-ion cells as automakers seeks better ways to power electric cars.
    A new research generates hydrogen by adding a magnesium ore. Scientists in Lyon, a French city famed for its cuisine, have discovered a quick-cook recipe for copious volumes of hydrogen (H2).The breakthrough suggests a better way of producing the hydrogen. Nature produces hydrogen through “serpentinization.” When water meets the ubiquitous mineral magnesium ore, olivine under pressure, the rock absorbs mostly oxygen (O) atoms from H2O, transforming olivine into another mineral, serpentine.

    Sahit Muja said, "Magnesium to become the most important metal in 21st century".
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