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    Posted February 19, 2014 by
    Kiev, Ukraine
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    Ukraine unrest

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    The Heroes of Ukraine.


    The protest in Kiev has become a full blown revolution. The city is literally at war, government forces police and Berkut have surrounded the protesters in an attempt to end the mostly peaceful gathering by the Ukrainian people.


    I live in center and call tell you for sure the Police and Berkut are using live ammo on unarmed civilians and that the number of dead will be much more than stated in reports. The Ukrainian government has organized and is funding the Berkut an unofficial and unsupervised militia to attack protesters and civilians. Tuesday snipers were positioned on roof top's and were firing live ammo into the crowds of demonstrators It is a human right's nightmare in the capitol city of Kiev.


    The International Community needs to stop sugar coating the news of whats happening in Kiev and take action. It's no secret that the Ukrainian government is corrupt beyond compare. This is a fight from tyranny, it is the men and women of the Ukraine trying to better their country and now they are dying for this and the international community is sitting watching like its was a football game.


    These people in the streets are not radicals destroying government property, they are men and women with family's trying to remove the cancer that fills its elected seats and is destroying the country from within.


    My heart and prayers goes out to the men women and children of the Ukraine and there bravery is remarkable and inspireing. The people of Ukraine are fighting against police and militia men (hired killers) who are wearing riot gear driving armored vehicles and firing live ammo. The protestors have only pellet rifles, sling shots, baseball bats and molotov cocktails to defend themselves against there attacks. It truly is like the biblical battle of David vs Goliath. And the people of Maidan are truly the hero's of the Ukraine and maybe the bravest the world has seen this century.

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