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    Burnham, Illinois
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    Life Lessons The Journey


    Life Lessons The Journey is a collection of stories I  wrote some are my stories and some are the stories of friends , family and everyday people I sat down with and had a conversation with . Their stories all had one thing in common, we all go through various types of trials and tribulations but with a support system and faith we all came out on the other side.
    I began to write these Life Lessons Stories in 2000 always with the hope of publishing them to let anyone that have similar stories know that they are not alone in the trials and struggles. To read a story about someone else that went to a similar situation and they came out of it Stronger and Wiser that gives hope to the reader.
    I am now in the process of Self-Publishing :Life Lessons The Journey 14 years later. I have added new stories to the first set and now I am ready to become a published author. I will share one of the many stories I have wrote and I hope you can find something in the story that you can identify with as well.


    After You've Done All You Can: Stand


    There was a young man that had more than the average person in his age group. he had a loving wife, two wonderful sons. a home in the suburbs of Chicago and a career that was rewarding and compensated him well.
    This young man from childhood has always been warm, loving and kind . He would go out of his way to help family and friends. His family was very important to him and we was Blessed to come from a large family.
    He made it a habit to always thank the Creator for all his blessing big and small and he made sure that his family did so as well.
    What started as a normal day turned into one he would never forget. He had just woke up and he started to get out of bed be he couldn't he had no feeling in his legs. He called out to his wife and she immediately called for help. He arrived at the hospital and went through a series of tests and at first even the doctors didn't know what was wrong.
    This young man didn't ever really worry about what was going on with his health nor did he worry about what the doctor's were saying . He decided a long time ago that he would put his complete trust in the Lord . he also understood that one cannot have a Testimony without a Test.
    There came a time when he could not walk, but prayer changes things, they said that they found cancer , but prayer changes things. He was off of work for a long time, but prayer changes things. Since this real Life Lesson has begun for this young man he never stop Holding On to God's Unchanging Hand . He and his family have gone to Hawaii and they continued to enjoy their lives as they always did.
    His wife even started a weekly prayer schedule, where a special time was set to pray as a family and friends for this young man for God to keep his loving arms around him.
    This young man always believed that after you've done all you can you just STAND !


    Life Lesson Affiirmation:

    No matter what I'm going through , I Will Stand.


    Ephesians 6:13 nkjv


    Therefore take up the whole armor of God , that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand.


    The young man in this story made his transition in 2005 but  his story was written in 2000.


    Life Lessons The Journey / Coming April 2014.

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