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    Spank that Ass


    A Kansas state representative is floating the idea for a bill that would allow parents, teachers and caregivers to spank children even up to leaving redness and bruising.


    Kansas House Democrat Gail Finney says she wants improve discipline in the state's children so she proposes to allow them to be struck up to ten times with the hand.


    Child abuse expert Amy Terreros disagrees with the approach saying that research shows that spankings are less effective than timeout and other forms of discipline.


    I disagree with both sides of this specific argument. I am an advocate of spankings being just one more tool for parents and who they allow to discipline their children. But it should be one of the last options after other methods are tried and should not get to the point of bruising.


    I also disagree that timeout is more effective than spankings. It really all depends on the child you are dealing with. Some require nothing more than a stern look to adjust their behavior. Others timeout is effective and then there is taking possessions away among others. But for some kids they respond to spankings more than anything else.


    Parents best know their own kids and what is effective for them, but it should not be open season on kids to inflict bruising harm.













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