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    Posted February 19, 2014 by
    ecru, Mississippi
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    whites killing blacks

    Hi, I watched your program and the debate about whites killing young blacks. You often have lawyers, judges are other related educated people in their own rights. The white people that tries to make excuses for the whites killing blacks, uses statistic to demonstrate that black are in prison in a greater percentage than the white are. This is what all your very highly educated people don’t understand are have missed because it wasn’t in a book are didn’t make the statistic. I haven’t did a study but uses general thinking and not looking for something that covers up the real fact. Lets look at all the black in prison. How many of those in prison had a black judge and all black jurors. How many black people was judge by Judge Zimmerman are Juror Dunn. I bet a lot. A lot of blacks are in jail and innocent. How many black people are in jail and the crime they committed was the same as a white but the white didn’t go to jail and the black did. Reverse all the courts and trials that we have had in the United States. Change all the white judges to blacks and the white jurors to black and vice versa. You would have a lot more people that are white in jail. it was a black man on AC that used an experience in his life to that of the two young black boys. He stated, “that a white man broke in his house and he shot at him 5 are 6 times. He got two problems 1. He cannot shoot 2. The white man was committing a crime. The first thing he need to do is get Zimmerman to teach him how to kill a person. The other thing is in every state in the USA you can shoot a man breaking into your house. Dunn and Zimmerman both killed boys that was not committing a crime. Dunn and Zimmerman both caused the threatening environment. If I robbed a bank in Florida could I be justified in killing a person that may threaten me? I don’t know the law in details but since I committing a crime the stand your ground may not apply. If I follow someone around harassing them, I am breaking the law Zimmerman was harassing Trayvon by following him around and disobeying 911 operators. Why it is that Zimmerman rights to protect himself overshadows Trayvon rights to walk home and be protected by the law. The law in Florida gives a person a right to start a fight and then get threatened and then shoot the person. Dunn did the exact same thing by also breaking the law by taking the rights of the black boys away. He was not an officer and the property wasn’t his. He could not restrict their rights. Had he not had a gun would he had been so brave, they are using the stand your ground law to be a police officer. One more point on the black on black crimes. These cities where it’s a lot of blacks do not have the same protection that’s in the white neighbor hoods. This why Trayvon is dead he was thought to be out of place because he is black These kids have to fend for themselves.

    Ps. Whats the statistic on white millionaires and black millionaires in the prison system -

    Please ignore the picture. I may have used the wrong place to send my opinion. I had to put some picture. Please feel free to correct grammar.

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