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    New Generation of Leaders


    On president’s day we always honor our nation’s new and upcoming leaders. Do we ever thought about our current leaders, how were they when they were at this age. What have they done? What have been their achievements in the age of 17 or 18, may be sitting in classroom, completing their project or doing some extracurricular activities.


    I believe it was their education system that made them like this; they must have had great teachers who taught them the practical implications of the concepts and asked them to sort out the real life issues and problems. This is what makes a great leader because if we talk about our nation, a leader should be the one who knows the problems and issues of general public and not the one who don’t even care what the public is facing and just care about their own reputation.


    When I joined teaching as a profession, one of my co teachers told me that these kids need spoon feeding, they can’t make notes themselves and therefore I need to give them fill in the blanks questions and guess what the students she was talking about were the 10th grade management students. This was a great surprise for me. I was wondering what they have done for past ten years. I spoke to them on this part and realized that they actually can do a lot it was just the gap between the expectation and reality. The next month of my teaching I made them make notes during lectures and when the midterm result came, around 83% of the students scored more than 90 marks. This was an amazing change in their behavior and attitude.


    This shows that students must be taught the way things are in an outer world because that what makes them a good leader. They will learn the reality of life by doing experiments and real life activities. With the Common Core we at long last have an instrument that sets clear objectives for what understudies may as well take in every year so as to be school and profession prepared by twelfth evaluation. Educators are likewise getting the chances to work together on what we have to do so as to convert our guideline to meet these more thorough objectives.


    The educators are now coming up with plans to helps students in getting a better education that contributes in their career and in their work plans. The one of the initiative taken by US education ministry is the provision of work experience based degrees for those who are working from past five years or above in a particular field but doesn’t hold any appropriate vocational degree. This initiative will help them transform their working hours into credit hours. An assessment is supposed to be given by the individuals to be eligible for a specific degree.


    This can be concluded that if students are given chances and responsibilities, and are taught in a way our current leaders were taught in their times; they will able to perform extraordinarily in their career and will become good leaders.






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