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    Hemingway’s App-Automating Writing Services




    Writing is the expression of thoughts and feelings through words. It is a medium of communication that represents a language by using the inscriptions of signs, symbols and words. Writing has been around since centuries but the ways of representing this writing have been evolving. Today we see the modern form of writing but it was not the same since the beginning.


    The history of writing dates back to more than 500 years ago when people living in Mesopotamia developed a form of writing which was a way to record the information and communicate it and preserve. There was no concept of words at that time. The information was communicated through pictures and they were described by using pictograms.


    Evolution of Writing System:

    With the evolution of time, changes started occurring in the systems and practices. Things started to get modernized and newer forms were adopted for everything. Writing evolved from graphical or visual representation to textual representation which comprised of words that were developed across a proper structure and format that had to follow rules of grammar, word structure, punctuation and other important aspects.


    Freedom of Expression through Writing:

    Our societies have evolved and people have become more liberal and tolerant towards things which were unacceptable to them previously. As now people have started accepting difference of opinion of people, they have become open to let people express their opinions in whichever manner they want. Expressing the opinion through writing is one of the most effective methods to state the opinion.


    Fear of Writing:

    There are many people who have the fear of writing. They are good at expressing themselves but when they come to pen down their opinions, they fail miserably. Writing requires a skill which not everybody has but this skill could be developed overtime. Constant reading promotes effective writing. When a person is in the habit of reading, he gets to learn about new things and this exposure to new things put new ideas and knowledge in his mind. This knowledge is stored in the brain of the person and when he sits to write about something, the brain starts making connections and retrieves the information that has been stored through reading. This helps to refine his writing skills and bring fineness in his writing. The fear of writing could be converted into the biggest strength of powerful writing by incorporating the right habits of reading and good observation.

    Forms of Writing:

    There are different forms of writing. Writing can be done for personal source of expressing feelings. People who have a flare and passion for writing take up writing as a profession. We see people who are copywriters, novel writers, academic writers, storywriters, content writers and many other forms of writers. But there is a difference in academic vs. general writing. The tone and structure differ for both forms. Academic writing is formal and structured and it has to adhere to the formal guidelines of writing which comprises of following the right structure.


    New development in writing:

    With the modernization and incorporation of technology in every field, people have also introduced new technologies to refine and improve the writing. One such attempt is the development of Hemingway App. The new app created by brothers Adam and Ben Long is a new web editor that helps the writers to make their work bold, clear and accurate with the clear word structure.


    Hemingway App:

    The new app is a revolution in writing that has the ability to analyze any piece of writing and point out the general rules and mistakes in the text that helps to improve the writings of the author. It is a user friendly app in which the writer has to copy past the text and the site will analyze it by making the text and sentences simple by eliminate adverbs, long sentences, passive voices and other structural mistakes. It highlights all the areas that need improvement or correction.

    The mistakes and errors are marked by different colors. Each color indicates an area for improvement. Following colors symbolize following errors:


                 When lines in the text are highlighted yellow, it means that the sentence is too long or complex and has common errors. It signifies that the sentence should be shortened or split.


           The words that are highlighted with blue signify that adverbs are used and they should be replaced with more forceful verbs instead. This would improve the structure and appearance of the sentence.


                 The purple color signifies that a shorter word can be used in place of a long sentence.


            The green color signifies that these sentences are written in passive voice and they can change to active voice for improving the structure of the sentence.

    Although the app cannot replace the ingenuity of a human but still it can serve as a good medium to proof read and improve the content of the writer ad bring excellence in his writing.





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