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    Posted February 22, 2014 by

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    Plz help us we are asylum seekers in south africa


    Plz UN we need ur help we the asylum seekers here in South Africa am a Nigeria I run a way from Nigeria cos of the gay bill that was place in my country by my president cis they where pointing fingers at people most off my gay friend where cute so u ran away from my country cos I don't want to go to 14 years in jail  cis am a gay life is too short for that  I didt crate my self been gay I sow my self so so I have been going to home affairs marabasted. In Pretoria to seek for my asylum over 4 week now I can't get it cos the officer are not doing it there job there busy collecting money from people to fix them in to the line why we those people that don't have money they sent us back home to come again every week Thursday Morrin we are all there u have to sleep over at the marabasted grand on Wednesday night against Thursday cos I need to be attended first still when the offers come dey we send us back and take those that pay them last week I was luck to enter but I was not atteded cos off time do dey told us that we ll attended next week as an appointed people I just hope I get it I want the message to get to the UN so that dey we kniw what we the asylum seeker are suffering here in South Africa there not helping use at alll instead off them to give us home , food , and job they don't they collect money from use to give us the asylum which is free if u think am lying plz u can send your spie to come and see for there self on Thursday Morrin to see the way dey collect money from people out side the grand to let them enter the line I could not be able to snap or video cos off security reasons they may see me and try to do some thin bad to me I have to his my identity cos I want this message to get to UN dey should seek to how problem they should help us about it thanks for ur understanding

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