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    Posted February 22, 2014 by

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    Statue Pulled Down Like Hussein’s in Taiwan


    The statue of Sun-Yet Sen, the iconic historic figure wrongfully regarded as the forefather of the government in exile called Republic of China on Taiwan, was pulled down from its two-story-high base at 01:39 Pacific time in Tang Der-Chang’s (湯德章)Memorial Park today. The morale amongst supporter's of Taiwan's independent movement skyrocketed as local news media in Taiwan, heavily controlled by the current exiled government with investment from China, responded like a snail stuck in the rocks.


    Judging from the photography taken by the supporters, the chairman of the Alliance of Referendum for Taiwan, Tsay Ting-Kuei (蔡丁貴) stands in front of the broken statue while supporters of Taiwan’s independence hold up familiar banners seen at countless successful non-violent protests against the pro-China exiled regime. Around two dozens of policemen near the park situated in Tainan City arrived minutes later after the statue fell. “It was an effective action against the exiled government,” Mr. A-Hon (阿瘋) spoke emphatically, “I mean, effective.”


    The fallen statue of Sun-Yet Sen, erected in 1975 by a private organization to exhibit loyalty to the invading regime which killed thousands of Taiwanese elites in the 228 massacre, had been originally standing alongside the much smaller Tang Der-Ching’s statue at the Memorial Park.


    In 1947, Tang Der-Chang was hung up-side-down for interogation when his ribs were all broken by heavy beating. Then he was tied to a truck in a parade in Tainan downtown by the 21 division of the exiling Republic of China. On March 13, 1947 he was charged with treason, and shot dead in public by the military. He didn’t close his eyes upon death. It is said that he smiled in peace and bravery.

    During the interview, A-Hon said, “The Sun Yet-Sen statue had been there for all the wrong reasons. It was a danger to the public due to lack of maintenance and it is Tang Der-Ching who should be commemorated, not some random guy from China.”

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