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    Posted February 22, 2014 by
    Attock cantt

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    In continuation of Pakistan in Quagmire

    It is alarming to see that Nawaz Sharif government has slipped into the lap of Saudi Arabia with an overture to intentionally antagonized Iran. There are very frequent rumors that Pakistan is going to provide a substantial number of defense personals running into Divisions to Saudi Arabia. Some people say that this force is to supplement Saudi defense assets and to execute its projects of expansion of influence in Yemen. The abduction of five Iranian border security guards by so far unnamed outfits and Pakistan government’s explicable failure to get released the abductees has annoyed Iranians to the extent that they have threatened to send their own army to recover the abductees.
    Nawaz Sharif for his own personal weaknesses visa vis Saudi Arabia has been keeping mum without any consoling response to Iran’s grievance. The glitter of Saudi gold has further bewildered Nawaz Sharif and with his natural lack of vision he is not perceiving the natural outcome of his submission to Saudis and his causing annoyance to Iranians. Saudi’s cannot defend themselves without American umbrella or Pakistan’s defense trained personnel. Whereas Iran has been successfully defending itself against Saddam, United States, Saudi Arab, Arab Emirates and Physical involvement in a decade long war imposed on it by the idiocies of Saddam. Maybe Nawaz Sharif and his family are personally obliged to Saudi Arabia because they have been receiving royal protection and privileges when he was ousted by Pakistan army under the command of Pervaiz Musharraf and his ouster as such was declared by Supreme Court in Zafar Ali Shah’s case justifiable and Nawaz Sharif never challenged its validity. Nawaz Sharif may be faithful enough to reciprocate Saudis’ favor to himself but not at the cost of Pakistan’s brotherly relations with Iran. He must know that besides having accorded recognition to Pakistan as the fore most state in the world its defense resources came to the rescue of Pakistan in 1965 war. Air Marshal Asghar Khan had told more than once in his public and private statements and conversations that he had gone to Tehran to solicit Shah’s support in 1965 as emissary of Ayub Khan. The Shah granted him immediate interview as told by Asghar Khan to me personally. Shah had rushed to receive him and called his forces chief directing him to put all requisite defense assets at the disposal of Pakistan against India. It was not only Shah’s personal favor to Pakistan it was rather representation of Iranians love with Pakistan.
    Pakistan government should not be desperate enough to poke its nose in every smoke and be cautious that it may not have flames to burn itself. Pakistan has unfortunately because of the folly of its rulers earned many enemies. Let it allow at least one nation to remain friendly.
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