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    Posted February 22, 2014 by
    New York, New York
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    Ukraine unrest

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    Ukraine's Game of Challenge

    By Marios P. Efthymiopoulos (Phd)
    CEO & Founder, Strategy International Thnk Tank
    Visiting Scholar Columbia University Harriman Institute

    In the hope that every New Year is a better year, than the one, that just two months ago we left behind, we pray for success, prosperity, confidence in our decisions, good health…. and above else peace and harmony for all. For this last part, this may not actually be the case. Some of us, may possibly fake the thought and evidently through actions.

    Considering the ongoing events in Ukraine, it is now evident that some or many, depending which side one sees this, do not want stability or prosperity. Democracy as a tool for governance and guidance is yet again stretched. A pluralist direct Democracy, were justice and right is yet to prevail.

    There are still countries and societies in this planet that lack and will always lack basic tools for harmony, stability and prosperity, no matter their financial status. And this is just scary. Not only as a thought, as this is reality we talk about. I try to use logic in my thoughts rather than feelings, yet in this truly interconnected world, I consider myself as pragmatist. As pragmatist I cannot bear the thought that we are in a process of fiscal, political and geopolitical change without end and certainly without a specific aim. I believe that this 'game' will not render any positive results no matter where this policy is applied in the globe.

    Change in Ukraine is imminent. What will be the outcome, no one can or should able to predict. Too soon. Freedom is a delicate tool. Change has yet again not missed bloodshed. Will those dead be known as Martyrs? And the attempts as Martyrdom? And the question is? Did they die with a purpose? Will leaders honor the death of those people for legitimate change in Ukraine? I believe that there is a game of challenge. This ‘game of challenge’ in now been unfolded and actors are been placed and others changed. Truly, the former, now impeached President of Ukraine, seems not to have been an honest man ethically and morally, for no other reason than the one I read about that he tried to leave his country the way that he tried. He should have stayed and face truths. But it is not up to me to judge. Others will judge him and possibly a new Justice system of Ukraine will, eventually. He seemed not to be effective. He seemed not to be playing the cards right.

    Ukraine is not just a simple case. Interests are great, multiple and multileveled in politics and business. It seems to me that some forget easily how events in World War II (WWII) developed in having both the Soviets and Nazi Germany trying to conquer Ukraine. Ukraine offers plenty. As such Ukraine is now yet again in the middle of a great game of chess that is developing. We are yet to see who will controls what and in what region.

    In this day, Ukraine provides no assurances for national, regional or peripheral stability, progress and true growth and true democracy. And I ask was this the best system Ukraine could establish? Or are we to see more? In this 21st century, no society, organization, government or institution can actually prevent upcoming disasters, it seems. It is evident that we lack assurances for prosperity, stability, respect to human life and dignity above all else.

    And the questions are: how did we let this happen as a global and interconnected society? Did we not learn from past historical mistakes? Are we hunted from past historical grave mistakes? How much more will we have to bear these constant and global challenges and threats, instead of talking about a true global growth and development starting with basic society training and infrastructure? Are we yet to see more comings in the following year or years, in different parts of the world? I wonder…

    If I understand correctly, possibly some may be satisfied about Ukraine not being stable and I also believe that many would have been grateful to use this opportunity as for some new ‘investor’s relations’, as this may be seen as golden opportunity to restructure some cooperations. No matter what the outcome it is sad to see people die like this, in vain. We are not better people, if we do not act for a viable and democratic solution. One formula that is viable for many other unstructured or insecure and unstable societies. We need to provide evidence of support to the one or the government elected by the people and for the people, an entity that will bring true prosperity. Ukraine is vast. It is beautiful, I have seen it myself when first travelled last year. It comprises of many minorities and many cultures. This is a global heritage. The soil is fertile. The passage to the energy community puts Ukraine to the geopolitical map of attention and growth. We therefore need to develop a structured strategy, a true civilizational agenda for protection, education and true growth and investment. We owe this to our interconnected and global society.

    Let us see how things progress before we make any judgments. Ukraine’s case is not a simple one. It entails many dangers behind it. No matter the outcome. We need be to be attentive but we also need to make sure that we pressure the international community to help this vast with much to offer in goods and beautiful country to come back to its feet and with it, any other country that wishes for help. I think it is time we act. There is plenty to do, plenty to construct and plenty to gain for everyone namely for the people of Ukraine and the international community at large. The road is long..

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