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    Posted February 22, 2014 by

    African American Fare Treatment

    On December 2, 2013, I went to verbally voice my objection, on a class action settlement against RadioShack for violating workers’ wages right.

    I really wasn't expecting anything to come out of this objection; being that I knew that I was the only one objecting to this settlement. As expected, the objection was overruled, for the fact of pushing the settlement through and from what was articulated to me off record, that they had been working on this settlement for some time and just was over it because the attorneys wanted to get paid.

    I only really wanted the experience of testifying in federal court and I would have been satisfied with no other action. But, the way I treated during the process is the reason why I am writing you today.

    When I submitted the objection I was contacted by counsel and basically told what I can't do and was given discouraging advice. I then submitted my objection to the Federal Court directly and went Pro Se. At this point I still just wanted the opportunity to verbally state my objection in federal court and be done with the whole situation.

    The main reason I am writing you today is because I would like to report on the unfair treatment that young African Americans have to face in order to do what is rightfully their right.

    When I went to testify in Federal Court none of the counsel there said one word to me the whole time we all stood outside the courtroom waiting for another case end. Once we got inside the courtroom I was the only person out of about 20 other people that was approached and asked what was I doing there. I told the person who I was and was advised to take a set in the far back corner of the court. I did what I was told and concealed my anger by playing on my phone. Once the Judge came in I was then advice that I could move to a seat in the front of the court. Once it was time for me testify the judge basically broke down my objection in an ill-relevant tone of voice.

    Now, I had been practicing on perfecting the reading of this objection for weeks because I have an speech impediment and was really excited about testifying and wanted to deliver it well. Due to the Judge and counsel discouraging tactics it made me feel so uncomfortable that when it was time for me to speak I could do nothing but give them a verbal example of what I was objecting to.

    I have now filed an appeal only because I the way I was treated by both counsel and a Federal Judge.

    No one take young African Americans seriously these days. Not even in positions of Government. I just feel that if I was of another ethnicity and wore a suit and tie I would have been least given the right to verbally voice my written objection. It may have still been overturned but I would have been satisfied with that as long as I was taken seriously.

    I now have an appeal in the 9th District Court of Appeals Case # 13-57157 that I may not win, which I am fine with, I just want to be taken seriously and treated like I am a citizen of the United States and not some NIGGER OFF THE STREETS because that’s the way I was made to feel.

    My objection is attached in the Media Section of the iReport.

    Antonio Boatner Jr

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