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    Posted February 24, 2014 by
    swat, Pakistan

    i want justice

    Respected sir,

    I am Riaz Ali Khan s/o Harmoz Khan and belong to Jambil town in Swat. I had applied for a work visa of Malaysia through Adalat Khan Recruiting Agency, Pir Baba Road, Juwar, Buner district. I had been granted the work visa. So I took a ticket of Thai Airways flight# TG346, from Lahore via Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur. My flight time was 11:55 PM on December 05, 2013. I left Swat and reached Lahore Airport after completing a journey of 11 hours in a local taxi at 8:00 PM for check in, my luggage was checked and I was cleared from there.

    Then I went to get boarding pass, I got the boarding pass. Then I was asked to weight my luggage that was weighted as 27 kg, the officer had asked me to pay Rs. 8000 otherwise your luggage would have to be sent back. I didn’t have Pakistani currency (Rupees) at that time, so I went outside and borrow Rs. 2000 from my uncle who was accompanying me from Swat to Lahore Airport. I came back and paid Rs. 2000 to the porter though he was demanding 3000.

    After that I went to immigration counter, my boarding pass was taken and I had been asked to stay with a group of people. Passport of me and that group of people were confiscated from us, and had asked us to wait outside immigration counter.

    After about 30 minutes they came out and returned passports of those who were belonged to Punjab. We were told that the passports of those who were from Swat had some issue known to them. Our flight time was running out, we had asked the reason but they hadn’t given satisfactory answer, some were saying that we were Afghani other were saying that our tickets were not OK.

    Flight time had passed but they hadn’t allowed us to come on board. After that we were moved to waiting room and forced us to sit on cold floor during chilly night of December. After that our statements were recorded by some officers and our NICs were also confiscated stapled our statements. We were asked to give statement against the travel agency. All of us were kept hungry none of us were allowed to outside or eat some food. We were kept there like animals, after repeated complaints; we were given a sandwich and a cup of tea around 3 or 4 AM.

    No one was ready to give us answer. We were kept in that waiting room whole night without any reason, we were told that their officer will come in the morning and he will decide your future. Day passed but their officer didn’t appear. After Jumma prayer we were given lunch (Dall + Roti) and asked to eat on floor like dogs.

    After eating lunch their officer had arrived like a king with full protocol, he started interrogating us. Most of the people were uneducated and from rural area he started making fun our poverty and simplicity. He mentally tortured us by asking humiliating questions. Then he ordered to let us go back to home but our passports, tickets and CNICs were never returned to us.
    I asked the officer that we were from Swat and in Swat Army wouldn’t allow us to enter the city without CNIC. They gave us a receipt and asked us to show that if we were asked for identity.

    After coming out from airport I had only Rs 1000 in hands and could only managed to come to Islamabad. I took shelter in Islamabad with my friend. I also published my story in Daily Nawa-e-Waqt on December 12, 2013

    I had a plan to work in Malaysia start business there of exporting GEM as I am a member of Swat Gem Association. My wife live there in Malaysia, she is associate professor. She booked a room for us there in Kuala Lumpur. She waited for me there alone for two days. My flight was missed and I lost a great opportunity for starting a new bright future. My career and dream were ruined by these officers apparently for gaining commission from the travel agency.

    No I am here in Islamabad my passport and CNIC is snatched from me, I cannot go out because I have no identity. I am begging you all to help me, as I have nothing left. I have managed to gather money for that visa with great difficulty but now it is taken from me.

    I have submit my petition at Lahore high court 27th of December.

    I have sent my application to the chief justice of Pakistan. But until now I got no reply.
    this is my facebook page.
    justice for overseas pakistan

    Please help me.

    Riaz Ali Khan
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