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    Ukraine unrest

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Coffins containing the bodies of some of the protesters killed in the Ukrainian crisis were carried through mourning crowds in Kiev over the weekend. Journalist Bogdan Kutiepov, who works for an Internet TV station in Ukraine called Hromadske TV, captured the scene on Feb. 22. “'The Celestial Hundred’ coffins are those who defended barricades and unarmed people, together with those who died,” explained PressAV, who represents Hromadske TV in the U.S. “They are simple people: engineers, teachers, ex-military, programmers, retired.” CNN reported that 88 people died in the protest turmoil last week.
    - zdan, CNN iReport producer

    KIEV, UKRAINE - FEBRUARY 24, CNN iReport - For the last three days, Ukraine has been bidding farewell to the victims of clashes in the streets of Kiev. According to recent reports, in only three days - from February 18 to 21 - 71 people were killed. According to official figures, 78 people were killed since the beginning of the struggles in Ukraine. The Medical Service of the Maidan contends that, in fact, more than a hundred are dead.


    Most of those killed were members of Maidan self-defense units, consisting of "hundreds " - the analogy of old Ukrainian Cossack units. Victims of the confrontation between protesters and government forces have officially been named "The Celestial Hundred".


    The last three days on the Maidan were spent with a sending off of The Celestial Hundred. The mother of one of the victims said from the stage: "Dear Ukrainians, Russians, Armenians, Georgians, Jews, and all the world! We are not extremists! We will never kill people! I beseech you, we should forgive them! I forgive them as a mother...".


    In response, people in the square chanted, "We shall not pardon them!" They sent the fallen off to rest with Cossack shouts of "Glory!" Dead soldiers of Zaporizhzh'yan Sich - Ukrainian military community formation during the XVI - XVIII centuries - were sent off to their graves with this chant.


    Meanwhile, Parliament abolished the laws that were passed during the reign of Yanukovych and the dismissed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. However, recently there has been tension in the relationship between the activists and the opposition.


    Protesters are outraged regarding the attempts of the opposition to negotiate with President Yanukovych. The protesters did not agree with the signing of the agreement and issued an ultimatum - the president should resign. The next day Viktor Yanukovych fled to the east of the country, and his whereabouts for the past few days have not been elucidated.


    Active protest action has since moved to the east and south of the country, which until recently was loyal to the president.


    Journalist: Andrey Vasiliev
    Producers: Luba Bilash, Olga Mozkova
    Video by Bogdan Kutiepov ("Hromadske TV")


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