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    Posted February 23, 2014 by

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    Candy Crowly, [REAL CNN, State Of The Union 0600HRS PT], You have to give President Putin that point


            President Putin has been an amazing Host of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games, remaining absolutely silent about all things political, regardless of the Zionist Insurrection in the Ukraine that changed "the moment, not a sustained future" with 77 close range assassinations committed by Mormon-Zionist Civil War Instigators within a crowd of protestors that have been operating from NGO's set up on Ukrainian soil that he will not allow to enter Russia to gain a disrupting foot hold there to wisk out Russia's  Crystal Children  to their adoption agencies in Salt Lake City as they're conceived, recognized and born within his country to impoverished women who don't know what a  Crystal Child  is nor why the Mormons & Zionists have been collecting them by any and all means regardless where or to whom  we're  born.        It appears quite obvious to me that President Putin knows we are close enough to Judgment Day when all of these international child abductors  are going to be found guilty and fried by an Act Of God Himself, so that he can, as he should, focus on being the best Host Nation of the Winter Olympics that he and his nation can be, while the Anti Christ Moron's scramble to set and conceal their lies in a vain attempt to cover their asses, when it's more wisely known that everything these ACM's have done and are now doing will momentarily come to no avail and expose them all the more for being the international criminals that they are and have always been without President Putin ever saying a single word that might interrupt the 16 day moment of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games.        But, you're right Candy, these idiots who are taking advantage of the moment because President Putin hasn't said anything yet, are making a very grave mistake in thinking he doesn't have anything to say and/or won't say anything after a proper pause following to-nights closing ceremonies.        All y'all can bet your sweet asses President Putin will have quite a bit more than something to say and I very strongly suspect he'll be saying it more with actions rather than the empty words this cuntree's "ruling elite" is so used to tossing about the planet as if God had died and made them Over Lords and Supreme Rulers of all mankind, when He has NOT.        Mr. President

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