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    Why Enrique Peña Nieto is not "Saving Mexico"

    Mexico's most recent President, Enrique Peña Nieto has been hailed as "The Saviour of Mexico" (Time Magazine). However, ask a Mexican citizen and you'll hear a completely different opinion.

    With his most recent move, the Tax Reforms, Peña Nieto has plunged the Mexican population into very difficult times. With "pet taxes", "child taxes" and even including a clause stating that public schools will not receive funding from the government for repairs, desks, etc. The families of the students are expected to pay for the needs of the schools. Peña Nieto has put a crunch on everyone. With taxes at 30%, minimum wage at 65 pesos per day (as reference, a 600 ml bottle of Coke costs 10 pesos), the divide between the rich and the poor makes the Grand Canyon look like a pothole.
    If that were not enough, El Presidente, has put up for sale the government run Pemex (Mexican Petroleum) which, in it's mandate states that Pemex belongs to the Mexican people and can not be sold or held by foreign powers. Mexicos largest natural resource and the largest employer in Mexico being sold would devastate the economy of Mexico. However, the money the government would gain apparently outweighs the needs of the country and the laws created to protect it.
    Aside from the economic catastrophe Peña Nieto is causing, his disregard for the people and their security in the country is appalling. In the state of Oaxaca, self-defense groups have taken on the task of fighting against the drug cartels because the local, state and federal police are too corrupt and stand idly by, letting the cartels do as they please. Peña Nieto sent the military to fight against the groups, meanwhile, members of the cartels walk around in front of the military who do nothing. The military has randomly opened fire on those who they deemed to be part of the self-defense groups, killing women and children, even hanging people in the streets. All at the order of Peña Nieto.
    Ask any Mexican citizen if they agree with what the President is doing "for" the country and I guarantee 90% of them will start with a string of obscenities before saying "No".
    Even his election has been a source of unrest and cries of corruption. His "winning" the Presidency was announced in world media even hours before all the polls were closed and all votes counted. However, once he was declared President, there was nothing that could be done.
    Today, I see the news and read about marches around the world against what is happening in Venezuela and shake my head. Sure, it's sad what is happening, but since Venezuela doesn't have oil reserves, the US and UN jump to put sanctions against the country. When similar things happen in Mexico, it never sees the media limelight or is falsely reported as a confrontation between police and drug cartels.
    Mexico, a country with enough natural resources and a massive tourism industry to be a first world country, is held down by it's greedy, corrupt, unscrupulous government, that seems intent on sucking every peso it can from it's people and resources.
    The Mexican people, worse for wear and wondering how they can ever change this vicious cycle of corrupt governments, suffer the consequences and continue to be oppressed, are left to fend for their own. No foreign aid tries to help, no outcries around the world, just the silence of indifference while a corrupt dictator drives the country into the ground and beyond.
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