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    Posted February 25, 2014 by
    Salinas, California
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    Almost Nobody


    I have gotten a few complaints about all my “hating”. For hating on President Obama when he doesn’t even delegate government funding nor does he have control over the National Cancer Institute.

    That’s so odd to me because I hear him talking and supporting all types of various issues in regards to government funding. In fact he talks a lot about issues that are important to him.

    Pediatric cancer just isn’t an issue that our government leaders care about….and yes I do hate their lack of concern….Yes I also hate their nonexistence response to equally fund our children’s diseases…and I know they hear us.

    But I’ll give the Obama’s a break and do some “hating” on the Bush family.

    Have you heard of Pauline Robinson Bush (aka Robin)….daughter to Former President George and
    Barbara Bush…Robin died just shy of her 4th birthday from a pediatric cancer… leukemia to be exact. Robin would fight cancer at a time when kids didn’t fight cancer…they would just be sent home to die….but brave and beautiful Robin…probably the most courageous in the entire Bush family…endured what I can only imagine to be horrific early cancer treatment.

    Surely she suffered…tragically she died.

    Robin’s father would have to leave the room unable to watch his little daughter’s pain. After Robin’s death her father would become President of the United States. He would do nothing to help further pediatric cancer research during his time in office. In fact I cannot find where he ever spoke publicly about his daughter’s fight against cancer until recently when he shaved his head to show support of another little boys battle.

    Former first lady Barbara Bush would go on to accomplish many great things during her time in the white house including a literacy program in honor of one son’s battle with dyslexia….she would also dedicate time raising $25 million to restore and refurbish the white house.

    What would she do in honor of Robin and all other children diagnosed with cancer?


    She does have some things to say about pediatric cancer and Robin. In one interview she so eloquently said;

    “I have a best friend whose child is severely retarded, and one day she said, You know, whenever I feel sorry for myself, I think of Robin.' And I said, 'You know, whenever I feel sorry for myself, I think of you.' I couldn't have stood the pain of always worrying about Robin, wondering if her illness was always going to be a source of pain for her.” Barbara Bush (http://chatteringmind.com/articles/barbarabush.html)

    Dang Barb…that’s cold hearted.

    I know so many cancer parents who would give anything to have their special needs child with them if only for just a moment….for one last kiss…to say good-bye.

    I know I would.

    I feel great sorry for you Barbara….that you would let your pain of worry stand in the way of furthering Robin’s fight. That pain you feel, the one that emerges from worry….well it’s nothing in comparison to the pain caused from fighting cancer that Robin and many children still have to endure.

    Shame on you Barbara you could have and should have done so much more for Robin.

    In another article Mrs. Bush blessed us with this little tid-bit as she calmly proclaims that today almost nobody dies of leukemia.

    ““It made Gampy and me feel that something good is coming out of this precious little life. And today, almost nobody dies of leukemia.” Barbara Bush (http://www.today.com/news/barbara-bush-recalls-daughters-death-i-saw-her-spirit-go-1C7174610)

    Barb please stop saying stupid things like that….my son’s name is Matthew Robert Pierce and he was hardly almost nobody… no he like your Robin are so much more than that.

    Please speak up for change. Our children need you.
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