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    Posted February 25, 2014 by
    McCormick Ranch, Arizona
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    Arizona's 'religious freedom' bill vetoed

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    Religious Freedom or BUST.


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Arizona resident DebraSavitt thinks that the real point of the religious freedom bill is to return control to business owners. "I personally think a business owner should be able to do business with whomever they want and not do business with whoever they feel," she said. "Way too much emphasis is being drawn to the subject of segregation or discrimination, which is overpowering our personal rights."
    - Verybecoming, CNN iReport producer

    First of all, I do not consider myself a discriminating person but my spiritual, political and personal view points and living a long life may suggest such, as perceived by each individual's perception of me. I think in this day and age we have all had so much taken away from us that we are fed up -sick and tired of jumping thru the loopholes and trying to skip over those gunshots from our Govt at our feet to pretend to maintain self images & beliefs we don't agree with. We are told what 'words' we no longer can use unless we want to be arrested for inciting a riot, or arrested for a hate crime. We are told who we can hire, what we should eat and what we are taught is the right way instead of many right ways. I think it is time to let the PEOPLE speak for themselves, and allow them to FEEL comfortable with their beliefs and power and STOP blaming discrimination to continue to take away their rights. The People have rights and that includes Religious freedom frankly. If a business owner does not want to deal with a certain type of people, it is natural frankly and should be acceptable. Not everyone likes nor wants to deal with 'everyone' and they should have the power to chose. Religious values, excuses or real reason? Who cares. Let the People BE. Let it Be... as the Beatles sang. Give Business owners MORE RIGHTS to individuality. If they don't want Gays - why do the GAYS WANT THEM? People will be who they are no matter what rules are passed. Judgments will always be made and people will always be judging- no matter what. Call it Religious Freedom or call it Life. Some people don't need the Gay and Black votes-to survive. Just sayin. Again- I don't consider myself prejudiced but I do have some issues with a few some jews, aisians, black ,white, gay, straight, male, female, short people, skinny people, & born again Christians.I am not claiming religious freedom act. I also believe some jobs are meant for certain 'types' and some are not. Call me what ever you like, but I am only human and over 60 yrs old. I finally am comfortable with my beliefs which are not religious nor discriminating and are simply individual thought and process. The Govt would consider me discriminating I am sure, because the GOvt wants too much control over people's individual thought process.
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