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    Posted October 9, 2008 by
    Charlotte, North Carolina

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    Elizabeth Edwards is my hero and a guiding light


    Elizabeth Edwards is my personal hero and has been for several years. It has nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with a quality human being.


    Elizabeth has had more personal trials than anyone I've ever heard of and she has/is standing up in the face of each and every one of them. She is a brilliant woman with a heart of gold. She was almost crushed with the untimely death of her oldest son. The attached photo is one that I took of Elizabeth talking about the devastating day when she lost Wade. However, she did make a comeback and became a much loved figure in the 2004 campaign. Then, just at the end of the campaign she learned she had breast cancer. She stood tall and fought that awful disease giving hope to millions of women suffering from the same disease. Then she learned she had a recurrence of it and it had metastasized. That was more than enough to make many women give up, but Elizabeth just took it as a challenge. She never failed to hug a woman who had come to just see and meet her and tell her their story. I've seen Elizabeth when she must have felt terrible herself, be a comforting and inspirational figure to sick people across the country and always she had her famous hugs.


    Then, we all know that Elizabeth experienced another devastating blow earlier this year from her husband of 30 years. Yet, she is back out fighting for Universal Health Care for all Americans. She has said she can't forget the women and men who whispered in her ear that they had cancer and often that they couldn't get the health care they needed.


    Earlier this year, I experienced some devastating health news myself. The only thing that helped me keep my feet anchored was remembering Elizabeth Edwards and all of the unbelievable challenges she has overcome and is still fighting. Then, I remembered her saying 'My job is to stay alive until they find a cure.' That is now my job too. Love you, Elizabeth... many people do.




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