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    Why Uruguay is a best for investment?!

    Business in South America means for investors to be ready to find best supporter from government. Unfortunately today many investors thinks to much and they act less, that's why they losing great chances to earn their capital. Corruption is a big problem for whole south America and this isn't something new for us, everyone will listened this quotes from investors, but depending on real situation sometime this is only words without proof than any real situation. I can count several countries from South America that is free from corruption and stands in advance situation than USA or other European countries. From this list Uruguay is a country that is a symbol of free market for me from my past experience with my ex-clients.
    Uruguay is a country that staunchly defends its constitutional democracy, its political pluralism and the individual liberties or its inhabitants. Consequently, on an international level, it has received a large degree of credibility, and has been recognized by diverse organisms as the safest place to invest in Latin America. The United Nations places Uruguay, on the Corruption Index, as the least corrupt Latin American country, a statistic also corroborated by Transparency International. In addition, Uruguay ranks highest on the Human Development Index, an important indicator which takes into consideration per capita income. Uruguay’s strategic location, nestled between Brazil and Argentina, but also close to the Paraguayan border, makes it a natural conduit for communication between countries belonging to MERCOSUR. The majority of the country possesses essential services, such as water, light and communication. By and large, there is no restriction on use, and the quality is very good. Most importantly, Uruguay has instituted strict bank secrecy laws, making it the safest country for investing in South America. Political, economic and social stability further ensure the safety of one’s investments. Not only is the safety of one’s investments virtually guaranteed (Never in history have foreign assets been expropriated. Furthermore, should this occur, the Constitution mandates that payment or just compensation be effectuated beforehand), but one’s personal safety is also guaranteed. Uruguay is considered to be the safest country in the region. Uruguay is a member of various international organisms that promote investor security. Of notable mention are the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and the International Center for the Settlement of Investment-Related Differences, whose headquarters are located in the Word Bank. What follows is a list of some characteristics of Uruguay's political-economic system:

    - Monetary freedom
    - The free transfer of assets and profits
    - Opening up to foreign trade
    - Work permits for foreign personnel
    - Appreciation of rural and urban assets

    Uruguay possesses a thriving, competitive economy, open to both regional and international investment, and largely sustained by the active participation of private capital. Investment opportunities abound in Uruguay, both in the primary and secondary sectors. Potential investors are presented with a host of unique advantages and opportunities, not only as a result of Uruguay’s undeniable natural resources, but also due to a structured, top-down policy seeking to foment investment, which includes interesting stimulus packages and a supply of local skilled labor. Furthermore, Uruguay’s high quality of life is not to scoffed at, and it remains to be said that foreigners will always feel at home in this beautiful and fecund country. financial system, controlled by the Central Bank of Uruguay, is composed of The Bank of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay (BROU), The Uruguayan Mortgage Bank (BHU), private banks, financial institutions (banking houses), the Montevideo Stock Exchange, among other banks of lesser scale. In Uruguay, an atmosphere of trust and reliability has led banks and financial institutions to diversify the portfolio of services offered. Uruguayan’s financial system is known for its efficiency, a characteristic that has fostered its affiliation with numerous first-rate European and North American banks. Bank deposits are kept in dollars. However, returns in local currency are often greater than the original deposits made in foreign currency. While the US dollar is the primary foreign currency, deposits can be made in any currency. Loans are granted in foreign currency, almost 90% of which are destined to Uruguayan residents. Strict bank secrecy is guaranteed by law.

    Totally, Uruguay is a best choice for those who are seeking to find better markets worldwide, but here is other main thing, you can't to become true businessman in Uruguay if you don't know people of Uruguay. This is a main key what you need to know.


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