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    Posted February 26, 2014 by
    Deer Park, Washington
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    Stumped By Rise In Birth Defects? Welcome To The Hanford Death Zone!


    I continue to update and will continue to update. I may never be helped with my illnesses and the destruction of my family. For 41 years I have watched cancer rampage through my family as well as suicides. I have looked over reports and have looked for links as to why some of this may have happened? Why did I have depression? Did the radioactive materials have something to do with it since I am a downwinder? I have watched so many people suffer with cancer and have watched mental illness destroy so many people but I will not give up. I will fight and fight from Hanford to the Silver mines in Idaho which have destroyed the Spokane River as well as the sewage being dumped in the river as we sit right on an aquifer. I may never be helped but maybe someone? Maybe one of your family members? My family is pretty much gone but maybe yours still has a chance?


    I know I no longer want to be a citizen of a country that destroys its citizens. That is what America has done in the Pacific Northwest. Just keep reading and I promise you it will stick with you. It is bad.


    UPDATE: Senator Wydens Report http://www.wyden.senate.gov/news/press-releases/wyden-reveals-new-safety-risks-from-flawed-nuclear-waste-storage-tanks-at-hanford-calls-for-immediate-doe-response


    Letter to DOE from Senator Wyden:



    2008 Black Cells Piping DOE Response



    Letter to Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board On Waste Management At Hanford



    Leak Assessment Reports:

    October 2012



    July 2013



    Yeah those of you calling it rubbish read the link above. Then ask the experts why they are not fixing it? I just know I do not want to be a citizen of a country that has helped destroy my family and myself. I dont doubt I will get cancer I just hope I can see it cleaned up before my daughter is older.


    UPDATE: Call it rubbish. Call it what you want ask Senator Wyden why this is not being fixed? http://www.opb.org/news/article/npr-sen-wyden-hanford-tanks-like-groundhog-day-problems-keep-repeating/


    He says its like Ground Hog Day? CNN is asking why counties near Hanford have children with deformaties? The ignorance of this problem is poisoning America and as long as you want huge cancer numbers and huge deformaties then ignore my warning about this problem. These are all facts and if you don't like the facts? Tell the experts why this is all false and ignore it. Make bad comments it doesnt matter to me I have lived here 41 years and I know what has happened and its a huge problem. And it continues with Senator Wyden commenting yesterday March 1st 2013.



    Over 6 months ago I wrote this Ireport. June 8th 2013. Stumped By Rise In Birth Defects??


    Ok some of the info may be a little scattered. But get to the end and you will be blown away. You at this very moment are being poisoned some how some way. This could be the largest conspiracy between the DOE, President, Congress, and Medical Industries and sadly your family members may be catching cancer because of this problem.


    Keep in mind that anytime it says Benton County that is the location of the 586 square mile Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Within miles around the reservation is nothing but death. I will include an aerial picture of Hanford and you can see the green on the outer edges and the brown death on the inside.


    The 177 tanks, built between 1943 and 1986 and most intended for only about a 20-year life span, are decaying; at last count, six are leaking. None of yet to bereplaced meaning some are at a 50 year expiration date.


    The Obama administration halted the Yucca Mountain Geologic Repository Project. Now some scientists are saying that it may be to dangerous to cleanup.


    The largest and most expensive environmental clean up in the Western Hemisphere.
    U-238 used at the site has a half life of 4.47 billion years. U-238 is then created into Pu-239 which has a half life of 24,100 years. 2/3 of the nations high level waste is stored at Hanford
    Dirtiest Reactor Site in the World. 54,000,000 gallons of high level nuclear waste at the site in 177 tanks that at most. Some are 50 years past their expiration date of being replaced. Plus another 50,000 drums in temporary storage.
    Hanford's tanks are constantly emitting Hydrogen gases raising the temperature.Risking an explosion that would not rival any of the Nuclear disasters that haveever happened on the planet. We would be looking at a catastrophic failure that would make land uninhabitable for 24,000 years. For 40 years contractors dumped plutonium, cesium, technetium, tritium, strontium, and various other isotopes inot the air, soil, groundwater and even the Columbia River which passes through Portland and Vancouver into the Pacific Ocean.300 gallons of waste per year leak out of these old tanks.


    Imagine a Three Mile Island accident every hour? During its heyday of dumping and leaking that is exactly what was happening at Hanford.
    Now imagine all the foods that come from Washington State:
    This comes directly from the Washington State Wikipedia Website on the agriculture.
    This affects everyone of us in the USA:
    Washington is a leading agricultural state. (The following figures are from the Washington State Office of Financial Management and the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service, Washington Field Office.)


    For 2003, the total value of Washington's agricultural products was $5.79 billion, the 11th highest in the country. The total value of its crops was $3.8 billion, the 7th highest. The total value of its livestock and specialty products was $1.5 billion, the 26th highest.
    In 2004, Washington ranked first in the nation in production of red raspberries (90.0 percent of total U.S.production)
    · wrinkled seed peas (80.6 percent)
    hops (75.0 percent)
    spearmint oil (73.6 percent)
    apples (58.1 percent)
    sweet cherries (47.3 percent)
    pears (42.6 percent)
    peppermint oil (40.3 percent)
    Concord grapes (39.3 percent)
    carrots for processing (36.8 percent)
    Niagara grapes (31.6 percent)
    Washington also ranked second in the nation in production of:
    fall potatoes
    dry edible peas
    grapes (all varieties taken together)
    asparagus (over a third of the nation's production)
    sweet corn for processing
    green peas for processing
    Washington also ranked third in:
    tart cherries
    dry summer onions


    Washington also ranked fourth in: barley and trout
    Washington also ranked fifth in: wheat, cranberries, and strawberries.
    The apple industry is of particular importance to Washington.


    Now for a sad part: A 1990 DOE analysis of downwinders showed that newborns and infants were highly contaminated because of milk.
    2010 U.S. Dairy Statistics Show:
    Washington State #10 in milk production
    Oregon State #18 in milk production
    Idaho State #3 in milk production


    Imagine how many infants are affected by these statistics alone? Imagine the illnesses so many children will suffer through because of the recklessness of our politicians.


    So just on food alone how many American Citizens in the United States of America does Hanford effect and how many in the future will Hanford effect? All 300 million plus.


    Illnesses related to Nuclear Waste Exposure:
    Cancers of the bile ducts, bone, brain, breast, colon, esophagus, gall bladder, liver (primary site, but not if cirrhosis or hepatitis B is indicated), lung (including bronchiolo-alveolar cancer), pancreas, pharynx, ovary, salivary gland, small intestine, stomach, thyroid, urinary tract (kidney/renal, pelvis, urinary bladder, and urethra) Leukemia (except chronic lymphocytic leukemia) Lymphomas (except Hodgkin’s disease) Multiple myeloma (cancer of plasma cells), Acute Radiation Syndrome, Radiation and Your Health, Plus much much more
    Spending on Hanford Per Year:
    In 1997 the cost of clean-up was estimated, now imagine that was 16 years ago. Yet it was estimated at $200 billion and 50 years


    About 1,200 workers were already laid off from late 2011 to January 2013. 4800 more as of April 1st 2013 were being threatened with more furloughs.
    Remember when Congress and President Obama were playing around with the fun little game of sequestration? They didn't tell you it was a deadly game did they? Yes Hanford was part of that a really big part. Funding has been cut so many times at Hanford.
    Remember the Titanic? This is the iceberg and the USA is the ship. At any given moment if a massive chain reaction explosion were to occur? It would destroy and kill everything within 100's of miles around it and it would be uninhabitable for so many generations that it would not even matter any more.
    What is a downwinder? I will refer you to the wiki on Downwinders because there is a payment schedule but it is extremely limited. Basically because I live in a downwinder area and get brain cancer and can link it to Hanford I can recover $50,000.


    Sure they will bring up "Fracking" to take the news off of Hanford Leaking. But we have been fracking for over a century. Deal with Fracking after we stopped being poisoned.


    So who is to blame:
    President, Supreme Court, Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of the Federal Government and State Governments. EPA and DOE, Any type of Medical Industry with their hand in the Affordable Care Act


    The damage is being done everytime you suck in air so what are you going to do about it? How do we stop a government so out of control that it poisons its own people and thinks none the wiser?

    Could it be responsible for Spokane Counties Radon detection at 9 pc/L when the Nationwide average of Radon is 1.3 pc/L?????? Yeah this is having a human impact on a very large scale.


    Read Also:
    Hanford's Toxic Legacy
    Here is a link to the sequestration game:
    Hanford Nuclear Cleanup May Be Too Dangerous, Future of Storage Plant Uncertain
    But here is the wiki address on it:


    More proof 4-23-14 http://www.khq.com/story/25319243/puzzling-rare-birth-defects-in-eastern-washington?clienttype=generic&mobilecgbypass

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