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    Arizona's 'religious freedom' bill vetoed

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    The people of Arizona NOT politicians should decide !




    Democracy is the government of the           people, by the people, for the people         

                   Abraham Lincoln

    Politicians are elected to represent the wishes of their constituents NOT to impose their personal preferences !

    The US declaration of independence and constitution are supposed to  advocate government of the people, by the people and for the people.

    The people of Arizona chose to vote this bill into law and the governor  took it upon herself to veto it, I have always support Brewer up till  now as a bold, tough, no nonsense leader but this is NOT democracy !

    The  ideal way is a referendum and let the people of Arizona decide about  this law and ALL future major bills, NOT a handful of politicians who  continue to represent the interests of the corrupt, rich backers who  got them elected in the first place !

    It's NOT just about gays......it's really about choice of the majority who  live and work in Arizona and it is they who should have the final say  what happens in their State !

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