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    Posted February 27, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    'Beep' the E.U., Victoria Nuland Has More To Say On a New 'Russian Released Video' About $5 Billion U.S. Spent On 'Helping' Liberate Ukraine

    "Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland made an obscene reference to the European Union which caused a diplomatic scandal when her January 28, 2014 telephone conversation with the United States Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, was allegedly leaked by the Russians and broadcast on YouTube. Nuland was discussing with Pyatt the role of the Ukrainian opposition leaders in the country’s government and the crises in Ukraine.  Nuland insulted Vitali Klitschko and said he should not be allowed into the government because he was too inexperienced. Subsequently, Nuland stated that she preferred the United Nations as mediator, instead of the European Union, adding "Beep the E.U." and Pyatt responded, "Oh, exactly, and I think we've got to do something". Nuland’s recorded ‘F the EU’ conversation allegedly released by the Russians https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSxaa-67yGM http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victoria_Nuland In the new YouTube video, Nuland can be heard saying that the United States has 'invested' $5 billion in Ukraine to bring about "real democracy and the reforms Ukraine needs to make in order that they can join the European Union." 5 Billion for Regime Change in Ukraine Video of Victoria Nuland- Russian video of U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Nuland states this at 7:35 minutes into the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=861DJLR4Cek Nuland is part of the U.S. economic 'hit squad' that helps countries to become indebted to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank by loaning them money for infrastructure expenditures that help international corporations and then ask the people of that country to embrace austerity and pay back the debt. Who gets the money for 'development? Look at the Chevron sign next to the podium at which Nuland speaks. Any questions?  Yes, $5 billion has been invested in Ukraine by the U.S. at a time when we're broke, according to our government. Too broke to extend unemployment benefits to 1.3 million of U.S. workers that still are having difficulty finding work. Too broke to keep S.N.A.P. ( food stamps) at their previous levels so that poor Americans can eat. So, we're told we're broke by Washington DC.; but not to broke to topple the Ukrainian government. We supplied the money to the organizations that were involved. Should we interfere in the affairs of another sovereign nation who had a democratically elected president? President Obama says this is not a "Cold War Chess Game". But that is exactly what this CIA supported coup in Ukraine is, whether our media spins it otherwise or not. If you’ve wondered why we need the TSA, Homeland Security, and a $800 billion defense budget, look no further than Iran, Ukraine, Iraq, Palestine, Venezuela, Thailand, Georgia, ad nauseam. Our U.S. Foreign Policy is to blame for most of our domestic security concerns.  Maybe it's because our government goes around the World sticking its finger in Putin and other leader's eyes. Ukraine isn't the only country our CIA..er our State Department has 'helped'. Look at what's going on in Venezuela today. Coincidence? Hardly, they have a lot of oil in Venezuela so why would BP want to allow the citizens there to get gas at 25 cents a gallon? Americans might get the same idea. BP whined to our CIA about the nationalization of the oil fields in Iran in 1953, so the CIA instigated an Iranian coup so BP could continue to rip off the Iranian people of their oil profits. So what has Ukraine have that some international corporation could want? Is it the next big market for iPhones? And of course, why would Putin of Russia care?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1953_Iranian_coup_d'%C3%A9tat
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