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    Posted February 27, 2014 by
    Jacksonville, Florida
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    Salute to troops

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    2/26/14 After I was kicked out of a shelter twice in one week? Why you ask?
    Because I would not apologize say I am sorry. I have nothing to be sorry for.
    See last Friday (and I have a video, mostly audio) I had a potential job to go to already setup a ride to get there. The fella that runs the Grant Per Diem program for the shelter for Veterans called a meeting @ 7:30 am asked who had appointments. I raised my hand as did a few other Veterans told him I needed to get this job. He told ALL but a few who had medical appointments NO your staying to help the nonprofit in the kitchen. Normally it would be a no problem BUT it was to get work. In this economy can you blame me? I even had a guy on the inside who works there he is the one who told me about it, bless his soul. Well I said I was going, he said take my stuff and go! It's on the video and I will post it soon. Then I am out in the rain for 8 hrs. was not rainning all that time but I got soaked and started going into hypothermia. Thank God it stopped in time, the rain. Well they tell me to come back in I would have a meeting with the fella and the CEO of the mission who only draws down 100k a year. It's on the IRS form will get link later. Anyway I stick around allday it's almost dinner 5:00 pm. the one working the desk calls me over from where I sit outside. Tells me his boss wants to get everyone together for an apology. I say hey its alright he doesn't have to tell us he is sorry ( we all Know he is ) then the deskman says no you have to say your sorry! Sheeet man I just wanted to get work I have nothing to say I am sorry for. Then he said you do it or your out.
    Police:: So I miss dinner kinda lost my appetite ya know the feeling. They are doing paperwork to get more money on another Veteran. So I go outside to wait for them to finish and get my paper work done so I can leave. One hour two hours I walk back in. The desk man tells me to get my stuff from the locker and leave. OK, so I ask were is my paperwork? He says I don't need any I say yes I do because I am in the grant per-diem program. Told him I would go get my stuff and set it outside and we (notice we) can call the police. He stops me and says you want the police I'll call them! I hear him say they have a tresspasser can they send a car. So I am pissed go outside and wait for him or her. Start thinking heck the taxpayers are paying for my stay. I'm being evicted with no repeat no notice. So I call them too. Officer shows up runs my ID no warrants. I tell him the same as I am telling you. Still he gives me no paperwork but suggest I move my stuff to the otherside of the street......
    FYI: This place saves over 65k a year by using us Homeless Veterans as Labor but they call it therapy, volunteering whatever.
    They took the computers from us months ago. I ask you today can one even get a job with out one?
    Last week a nice Lady dropped of some nice suits for the Veteran's and like smoke can't find a one!
    2/26/14 Out in the rainning wet weather do to needing a TP test to get in the othet shelters here. Unless this shelter has already had me blacklisted for wanting to work. Well it is a two million plus dollar outfit.
    Just kicked out of a mission- Photo by Don Grant
    Just kicked out of a mission- Photo by Don Grant
    Still Flying the STARS & STRIPS - photo by Don Grant
    Still Flying the STARS & STRIPS - photo by Don Grant


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