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    Posted February 28, 2014 by
    Melbourne, Australia

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    Millions of Aussie Smokers revolt against the price of smokes. Or they would if they were allowed to.


    Visitors to Australia may be surprised at how AR the place actually is. Or at least some of the laws in place. Cigarette smokers especially.


    Visitors to Australia may be surprised at the ever restrictive cigarette laws and paying up to 800% more for smokes than they're use to. They may be surprised at being shunted into the street to have a quick gasper pulled from a murky brown pack with the corpse of Kevin who died at 39 from smoking plastered over it. Welcome to the leper brigade. At least that's what many Aussie smokers are thinking.


    Ever since former health minister Nicola Roxon declared war on smokers motivated by her father succumbing to oesophageal cancer at a fairly young age Aussie smokers have been smacked in the face over and over ever since with no sign of it stopping.


    The duplicity in government thinking is confusing. For example, based on the knowlege of people dying under 72 from oesophageal cancer that they are 4 times as likely to be heavy drinkers and twice as likely to be heavy smokers than the average.


    Why then, based on those figures wasn't alcohol the key target by Roxon? Well that's because the alcohol industry is out on the battle field while the tobacco companies are quivering in the trenches. Best not light that smoke with a match boys. And especially don't light your mate's after you.


    Now this wouldn't be as bad for smokers if you could just grow your own tobacco. But that's not an option. In fact fines for growing tobacco far outweigh the fines for growing marijuana. And marijuana is still illegal in most of the country. Go figure.


    "Good" say the Anti Smoking Sector (ASS). You shouldn't be smoking.


    "Well, who gives you the right to decide what I do with my body" smokers argue. And if you can influence matters that drastically affect my life personally can I return the favor?


    Of course not. The happy go lucky place visitors associate with Australia is bit of a facade once you get past the kangaroos. More than a bit actually.


    It will be $30 for a pack of smokes soon and smokers are in a quandary. So what if they die at 70 instead of 85 many figure? Isn't that good for the attrition rate? Can we really support a massive aged population? That will grow as people give up the smokes?


    For smokers to keep smoking means much less of everything else including food and clothing. No Nike's for little Johnny. It's the 1950's retro tennis sneakers for him. And it's especially crazy for something you can grow in the ground.


    Growing your own though is illegal, as is buying chop chop (illegal tobacco). So how are Aussie smokers feeling about being hit by the blunt end of a cricket bat by the government and the ASS?


    If they were allowed to speak we'd know. But any public speaking in favor of tobacco is not allowed. Which may explain why we never see two sides to the argument on TV. Who would TV ask? The Pro Smoking Lobby?


    My guess is millions of smokers in Australia would repeal the monstrous tobacco tax and be allowed to smoke in bars again. Why wasn't ventilated smoking rooms ever an option they wonder?


    But many know if it doesn't require a big stick to fix, where's the fun for Aussie bueacracy?


    I guess smokers can always lobby their local members to be allowed to grow their own tobacco. If nothing else it might light a match under the tobacco companies to get them to stand up to the crazy tobacco excise. After all, they have the most to loose.

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