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    Posted February 28, 2014 by
    Deer Park, Washington
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    Largest Medical Blunder and Failure

    Look at the human body? If you were to pick one? Just one to invest and research where would you start? When it comes to disease and different interactions with the body we have focused on the heart, liver, lungs, pancreas, etc.

    How can they not look at the brain? How can they forget about the very organ that controls everything? It has the heart beating, the lungs breathing, the liver filtering? And we do not go after it like flies on a corpse?

    This is disturbing because so many humans are affected by heart attacks, cancers, mental disorders. With the research of one organ we could find ways that we never thought of to correct everything. We even use and take for granted the very organ that finds results in all the above disorders?

    If we looked deeply into the brain? We could find results not only in the brain and body, but also in daily life we could find great results to problems and reinvent new ideas.

    Every single day we wake up to one thing. The brain. We wake up and we use the brain to blink, nose to smell, ways to brew our coffee. Every action we make we use the brain and the brain is not only doing that but it is the control center of any actions made throughout the day. You can live on a heart machine, you can even live on dialysis. But you cannot live on a brain machine. You can replace every single organ. You cannot replace the brain.

    All of the above research and ideas have been great. It is even great we have learned how to replace organs. The problem is if we were to research the brain we may be able to understand even better why the body reacts to certain things better. We could even possibly come up with better research data and ideas instead of tearing open the body. We could delve deep and if someone was to get cancer? We could urge the brain to destroy the very cancer we have received. We could direct the brain to adjust to different circumstances in our lives.

    We as humans have taken for granted that our brain is our greatest asset. NOT DNA. DNA is a great understanding if you want to change the body in certain ways at a slower pace. With brain direction we could make vast improvements to humanity. We could create geniuses just by directing the brain to go in different directions.

    We have invented doctors, pharmacies, and surgeons. We have created a generic type of doctor for the brain though? Counselors. This is disturbing that we invest so little into counselors that could have the greatest effect on society. Counselors are right now grasping at straws and we are not doing the proper research and development on the brain. Yes its a blunder and a failure.

    It is all about the money. Imagine increasing research and development on the brain and we learn how to develop nano monsters? Right now we do not know how to develop a liquid 3D printer. Right now we do not know how to create nano monsters with a 3D printer. The brain is telling us it does not know how to destroy a cancer but it does tell us to create a 3D Liquid Printer and nano monsters. Someone goes to the doctor and gets scanned with sensors and the doctor says "One sec" adds ingredients to the printer and bam it prints out your medication and within 10 minutes the nano monsters finds the cancer and eats it. The nano monsters continue to look for the cancer but cannot find it and they are programmed to die when they starve of no tumors?

    Yes this could be a reality but without using our brain and researching the brain so we know its capabilities we will not be able to rid the world of some things and adding to the world great things.

    We don't know how much we can truly learn? We do not know much about our greatest asset and sadly it does not look like we will know until researchers are trained and ready to tackle the brain. But maybe one day.
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