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    Posted February 28, 2014 by
    Austin, Texas

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    Ducon Technologies: Cleaning Your Air


    Ducon Technologies is a renowned engineering and construction company that was founded in 1938. They provide custom engineered equipment that provides solutions for environmental control, raw material handling, waste incineration, and emission monitoring. They service a wide variety of industries, including power, cement, pulp & paper, glass, chemical, food, steel, refineries, mining and incineration.


    All plants generate pollution because of the fuel burned, and this pollution must be kept in accordance to EPA standards. If not, Govil states that our country would look much more like smog-ridden China. Ducon designs and installs specialized equipment in plants that keeps smoke from leaving the smokestacks, ensuring that this smog is never formed. What do you do with the ash that collects? It must be transported and disposed of, for which Ducon also has their own technologies. This transportation is also applicable to the mining industry. Whether you’re mining for aluminum, boxite, zinc, or gold, once its been stored you have to move it somewhere. These projects require intense customization; different types of systems are required depending on industry and the types of chemicals handled.


    Throughout Ducon’s long life in the 20th century, the company built an illustrious name for itself by pioneering many technologies for domestic plant operations. The firm was then acquired it in the1996 by Aron Govil a chemical engineer with an MBA in finance who had started his own company in the late 1980’s. This merger has afforded Ducon considerable growth and advancement, specifically in the international realm. In the last 10-15 years, manufacturing has left the US to go to China and India, and for this reason Ducon has become much more globally oriented. Moving internationally means a new organizational approach and plan.


    Govil says that, in order to stay with the times and ensure that they know what is being supplied and used, technological investment and discovery is a part of business that must be constantly attended to. When admissions standards are improved, or other industry requirements are established, it is often the most intricate technologies that must be re-engineered.


    Govil is highly involved in every component of the business as President and CEO, and he believes that it is this personal quality that leads to their consistently satisfied customers and great references. Naturally, an engineering firm must have the most competitive technology at the most competitive prices, or they aren’t even in the bidding race. But after that requirement is met, the focus on catering to the customer and understanding their needs.


    Currently, Ducon’s bandwidth can handle projects I the range of about 1million to about 90 million. They consistently compete with monstrous companies like GE, who are able to handle much larger projects because of their vast span of competencies. Currently, Ducon is really only competing in air pollution sector, and doesn’t have the opportunity to bid on other larger projects. Govil has plans to grow through horizontal integration in the coming years by acquiring other companies with diverse product offerings.

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